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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogCandy and Snacks: The Best of Ruby Chocolate!

Candy and Snacks: The Best of Ruby Chocolate!

Karina IkedoKarina Ikedo
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December 29, 2022
Two ruby chocolate bars against a black background, one of many candy and snacks, with sprinkled nuts on top.

When it comes to candy and snacks, love white chocolate but are you ready to think pink? Then meet ruby chocolate! It’s the ultimate chocolate for the Instagram age, and Belgian inventor Callebaut claims it meets the Millennial’s desire for ‘unique indulgence’ with its unique flavor profile and unmissable color!

Although it is similar to white chocolate in composition—it’s heavy on cocoa butter—the flavor notes set this chocolate apart from all others. If you’re intrigued by the first new chocolate in over 80 years, continue reading to learn more about this fascinating chocolate candy and snacks!

What is Ruby Chocolate?

After dark, milk, and white chocolate, ruby is the newest variety. The most unusual chocolate discovery in 80 years is this pink kind, which amazes with a brand-new color and flavor. Therefore, ruby chocolate features no dyes or fruit flavors and comes from a unique ruby bean. The natural taste is fruity, with fresh acids, without the classic bitterness of cocoa.

Ruby Chocolate’s Origin with Candy and Snacks

The beans used to manufacture Ruby chocolate is grown on the same plant as those used to make dark, milk, and white chocolate. They are initially from Ecuador, Brazil, and the Ivory Coast. 

A pile of ruby chocolate chips, along with ruby chocolate resembling a cocoa bean.
Ruby chocolate debuted way back in 2017. Image via Shutterstock

Belgian chocolatier Barry Callebaut discovered the potential for ruby chocolate over ten years ago. He noticed that sure beans could produce a bar of vivid pink chocolate with natural berry flavors. He finally revealed the product in 2017 at a trade show in Shanghai, which immediately caught the world’s attention.

KitKat Ruby Cocoa Beans: The Most Popular Candy and Snacks

The flavor of the ruby chocolate Kit Kat bar is similar to that of the white chocolate variety, with the addition of delicious berry undertones. It’s a light chocolate that recalls notes of white chocolate but with the acidity and flavor of red berries. It also has notes of red berries, raspberry, strawberry, floral, and espresso.

A package of ruby cocoa KitKats, one of many candy and snacks that feature ruby chocolate.
Even KitKat has gotten its hands on ruby chocolate! Image via Shutterstock

The new ruby sublime Kit Kat was previously available only at the Chocolatory in Ikebukuro and is considered one of the rarest Japanese Kit Kats! This premium range introduces all new flavors in attractive packages, making it a perfect gift for candy and snacks.

Magnum Ruby Ice Cream: A Decadent Type of Candy and Snacks

Magnum ice cream, the global authority on ice cream and chocolate, recently introduced its own frozen treats! In doing so, it became the first ice cream brand to launch an ice cream featuring ruby chocolate.

A stack of ruby chocolate ice cream bars, they're all pink.
Magnum makes ruby chocolate ice cream, too! Image via Shutterstock

With the white chocolate ice cream and raspberry swirl, Magnum found the ideal pairing for ruby to create a unique ice cream chocolate experience that is lusciously smooth and fruity.

Ruby Cacao Wafers

These ruby cacao wafers are just what they sound like: little pieces of ruby-colored chocolate. They go perfectly with castella, cookies, and ice cream cakes.

It has an undeniably fruity, berry-like quality with subtle, tangy notes, and its texture is smooth and creamy. Anyone who likes pairing classic chocolate with berries will love combining ruby chocolate with dark or milk chocolate. It’s perfect to pair with pretzels, making it one of the most candy or snacks!

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Ruby Chocolate Cheesecake

This luscious no-bake cheesecake uses ruby chocolate, an innovation in the culinary world! It uses red cocoa beans to yield naturally pink-hued chocolate with mild red berry flavors! Because it tastes fruity, it undoubtedly pairs perfectly with a dry wine.

Ruby Chocolate Macarons

Beautiful ruby chocolate macarons with beautifully decorated shells brushed with golden and rose paint. They have a delicious ruby chocolate ganache. All in all, the macarons add a scrumptious, tangy finish!

Dark red ruby chocolate macarons on a silver tray, one of many candy and snacks.
Ruby chocolate macarons are perfect for Valentine’s Day! Image via Shutterstock

Ruby Glazed Donuts

The unique fruitiness and distinctive tang – its rosy ruby- make the perfect ingredient to add to a ganache to glaze over fresh donuts. In other words, its fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness go well with vanilla-baked donuts.  

Two ruby chocolate glazed donuts with sprinkled nuts on top.
Ruby chocolate donuts have a firm glaze and a soft dough. Image via Shutterstock

Ruby Chocolate Mousse Parfait

A beautifully ruby-colored chocolate mousse boasts fresh, fruity chocolate flavor. It’s a rich, decadent, light-as-air ruby mousse that’s as tasty and satisfying as it’s pretty.

Add some fresh raspberries to give it some tartness and macadamia nuts. To finish off, top it with a dollop of whipped cream for good measure. The tartness of the raspberry pairs beautifully with the acidity of the ruby chocolate! Meanwhile, the macadamia nuts add a lovely crunchy texture, and the whipped cream topping gives the dessert a beautiful creaminess.

Ruby Chocolate Truffles: Luxury Candy and Snacks

Ruby chocolate truffles give a unique ruby chocolate experience. It’s forest berries, creamy, zingy yogurt tang delicious. These bite-sized round balls contain cream and cookie crumbs and are each generously powdered with icing sugar and pink drink powder. 

The filling is a creamy ganache made from ruby chocolate and cream! Moreover, the crisp dark chocolate coating is rich and bittersweet to contrast with the sweet, fruity filling!

Ruby Blondie 

These blondies are made with ruby chocolate, giving them their unique pink color and distinctive, raspberry-like flavor! What’s more, because of the ruby chocolate, they taste like white chocolate with a strong hint of a tart, raspberry-like fruit. 

Blondis (light brownies) with ruby chocolate icing on top.
Blondies also use ruby chocolate! Image via Shutterstock

Like traditional blondies, these ruby chocolate blondies are tender-yet-chewy, with a sugar top that crinkles and flakes when sliced. But because of ruby chocolate’s unique flavor, these blondies will be like no other brownie and blondie you’ve previously tried.

Its inherent berry taste perfectly combines with the fudgy goodness of blondies. The ruby chocolate brownie batter has a rich crust, and then the top is sprinkled with ruby chocolate bits.

Éclairs with Ruby Glaze

Éclairs are among the most unique and best-selling pastries worldwide! This version fills the light and airy choux pastry with ruby chocolate cream! Because of the ruby chocolate icing, the eclair maintains a satisfying firmness!

It combines a lusciously creamy and fruity ruby pastry cream on the inside with a deliciously rewarding glaze on the outside. Here’s hoping these éclairs take over Instagram without delay!

Ruby Fudge

Ruby chocolate fudge is a twist on the classic chocolate fudge that incorporates ruby chocolate, made from the recently discovered ruby cocoa beans. These rich, ruby chocolate fudge pieces make lovely, sweet treats. 

The ruby fudge’s noticeably fruity tang complements the soft and smooth texture. While the fudge isn’t overly sweet, it’s still similar to dark chocolate. 

Ruby Chocolate Cookie: Crispy Candy and Snacks

Ruby chocolate crinkle cookies are a twist on a classic chocolate crinkle cookie. Crunchy on the outside, soft and moreish on the inside. Not only do they taste sensational, but they’re also stunning!

The crinkle cookies use a ruby chocolate cookie batter infused with pure vanilla extract. Beetroot powder restores the pinkish tone as they bake in the oven before being generously covered in caster sugar and icing sugar.

The ruby chocolate taste isn’t overpowering, but it is there. It’s a different flavor from standard chocolate crackle cookies. It works well because the cookies are buttery and sweet. The ruby chocolate flavor is mellow, playing with your tastebuds.

Claiming to be all-natural with no added flavors or colors, the ‘fourth chocolate’ is a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness. With its dazzling look and lightly fruity taste, ruby chocolate has covered everything from Kit Kats to Magnums in its signature bubblegum pink.

Ruby Cupcakes

Pink-tinted vanilla cupcakes, swirled with rich and creamy frosting, topped off with a generous chunk of ruby chocolate. Therefore, it’s a pink paradise and an excellent culinary experience!

Cupcakes with a rich, red ruby chocolate on top.
Ruby chocolate makes for perfect frosting! Image via Shutterstock

The best way is to keep the cake fairly plain so as not to take away from the flavor of the ruby chocolate, and the gentle hit of vanilla sweetness it gives is ideal. While the cake needed a little food coloring, the gorgeous rose pink color of the frosting is all-natural!

Have you tried ruby chocolate candy or snacks before? Do you have a favorite ruby edition treat that you would like to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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