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A plate of sakura dango, which uses the cherry blossom in Japanese cuisine.
A plate of sakura dango, which uses the cherry blossom in Japanese cuisine.

Cherry Blossom in Japanese Snacks: The Best Fruit Flavors!

Thalia HarrisThalia Harris
Published Time
Posted on March 09, 2023
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Updated last November 20, 2023

The cherry blossom in Japanese snacks is very popular in the spring! There are plenty of delicious pink sakura snacks for this upcoming Japanese cherry blossom season! But how do they taste? Flowers, fruit, or something entirely different?

What does cherry blossom in Japanese food taste like?

Cherry blossoms have a delicate flavor that can be difficult to describe. When eaten fresh, they have a slightly sweet and floral taste with a hint of bitterness. The taste is subtle and can vary depending on the variety of cherry blossoms!

In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms are present in traditional dishes such as sakura mochi, a sweet rice cake wrapped in a cherry blossom leaf. The leaves themselves have a slightly salty taste that balances the sweetness of the rice cake.

A plate of pickled cherry blossom against a pink background. The cherry blossom in Japanese culture is very important.
Sakura tea tastes salty and sweet. Image via Shutterstock

Cherry blossom petals can flavor tea, adding a light and refreshing floral taste. The petals are often dried and mixed with green tea leaves, creating a fragrant and delicate blend!

However, not all cherry blossoms are edible. Some varieties contain toxins and are unsafe to eat. Researching the specific type of cherry blossom before using it in any culinary application is vital!

In addition to their flavor, cherry blossoms are famous for their aesthetic beauty. Their delicate pink petals symbolize spring, and people celebrate them in festivals worldwide! Overall, the taste of cherry blossoms is a unique and subtle flavor that adds a touch of elegance to any dish!

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What fruit flavors do they use?

Even though people use sakura flowers as flavoring for snacks, there aren’t enough flowers to go around! Only one cherry blossom variety, the yaezakura, is present in sakura tea and as a garnish for more traditional snacks! 

Because of this, many companies use additional flavors to enhance their sakura snacks while maintaining a light taste and aesthetic! Moreover, because cherry blossoms signify spring, many people connect them to other spring fruits! Not only do these fruits come in shades of pink and red, but they also pair well with the natural sakura flavor!


While cherry blossoms may have a delicate, floral flavor, many cherry blossom-themed snacks are designed to taste like cherries. One popular cherry blossom snack is sakura mochi.

A plate of red cherries.
Cherries are one of the most popular spring fruits out there! Image via Shutterstock

Mochi is a sticky rice cake often filled with sweet bean paste or other fillings. When flavored with cherry blossom, the mochi takes on a sweet, fruity taste reminiscent of cherry candy.

Sakura mochi and sakura tea.
Sakura mochi is a big part of hanami season. Image via Shutterstock

Another cherry blossom-themed snack is sakura jelly. It is a sweet, refreshing dessert with cherry blossom syrup and gelatin. Its flavor resembles cherry juice and has a light, fruity taste!

Plates of sakura jelly near a branch of cherry blossoms.
Cherry blossom jelly is very important during hanami season. Image via Shutterstock

Cherry blossom cookies are also a popular snack. They have a crispy texture and a sweet, cherry-flavored filling. These cookies are often shaped like cherry blossoms, making them visually appealing.

In addition to these sweet treats, there are savory cherry blossom snacks, such as cherry blossom rice crackers. These crackers have cherry blossom seasoning, which gives them a slightly sweet and salty taste!


In Japan, plum blossoms and cherry blossoms often bloom simultaneously, and both are celebrated for their beauty and significance in the culture! One popular cherry blossom snack with a plum flavor is umeboshi, a pickled plum often served with rice. Umeboshi is salty and sour, with a distinct plum flavor that is sweet and tart!

Baskets of Japanese plums, along with homemade plum wine.
Plums are also popular in the springtime., Image via Shutterstock

Another plum-flavored cherry blossom snack is sakura plum wine. This sweet and fruity wine is made by infusing plum extract and cherry blossom petals into a base of rice wine. The resulting drink has a complex sweet and tangy flavor with some floral notes.

Pickled plum (umeboshi) rice ball, a type of food that features the cherry blossom in Japanese cuisine.
Umeboshi is pickled plum. Image via Shutterstock

Cherry blossom mochi can also use a plum flavor, filled with plum jelly or paste instead of the more traditional red bean paste. The plum filling is sweet and tart, with a fruity flavor that complements the delicate cherry blossom mochi!


Peach blossoms are also a symbol of spring in Japan, and their delicate pink blooms are famous alongside the cherry blossom. One popular peach-flavored cherry blossom snack is peach blossom jelly, a sweet and refreshing dessert made with peach syrup and gelatin. The jelly has a light, fruity flavor similar to peach juice!

A pile of pink Japanese peaches. They are a part of food that sues the cherry blossom in Japanese food.
Peaches are best in the summer, but some people enjoy them in the spring. Image via Shutterstock

Another peach-flavored cherry blossom snack is peach blossom mochi, filled with a sweet peach paste. The mochi is often flavored with cherry blossom extract, giving it a delicate floral taste that complements the sweetness of the peach filling.

A plate of peach flavored mochi.
Peach blossom mochi is famous in Kashiwa Prefecture. Image via Shutterstock

Peach blossom tea is also a popular sakura season beverage. The tea infuses cherry blossom petals and peach flavoring into a base of green or black tea, creating a fragrant and delicious blend.


While some cherry blossom snacks use cherry, plum, and peach flavors, others use strawberries. Strawberry season in Japan typically starts after the cherry blossom, but both are wonderful signs of spring!

One popular cherry blossom snack with a strawberry flavor is daifuku. Like cherry blossom mochi, daifuku is a soft, chewy rice cake filled with sweet red bean paste. In this case, the daifuku uses whole strawberries, giving it a fruity and slightly tart taste.

A bunch of strawberry daifuku, which features the cherry blossoms in Japanese culture. The strawberry is red, inside from pink mochi.
Daifuku is a popular spring snack for hanami season! Image via Shutterstock

Another strawberry-flavored cherry blossom snack is sakura strawberry milk. This sweet and creamy beverage blends milk, strawberry puree, and cherry blossom syrup, creating a refreshing and unique drink!

Cherry blossom cookies can also have a strawberry flavor, often filled with a sweet strawberry jam. The cookies resemble cherry blossoms, making them delicious and visually appealing!

There are savory sakura season snacks as well! The most common are senbei (rice crackers) and onigiri (rice balls)! Many incorporate plum shiso seasoning, pickled plum, and even dried species! Overall, when it comes to cherry blossom snacks, all that’s cherry isn’t pink, but they’re delicious nonetheless!

Which of these “cherry blossom in Japanese snacks” is your favorite? Which complementary flavor do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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