Chocolate hot springs in Japan

04 February 2019 by Chris

Hot spring in Japan are something that you must try when you visit the country and there are a lot of famous ones all over. Some allow mixed bathing, some are on the rooftop of buildings with incredible views. Some even have monkeys bathing!

Well, today we are going to have a look at a new kind of hot spring: a chocolate one.

February is still cold and you may want to head to a hot spring to warm yourself up, so what better choice than enjoying the great feeling of bathing mixed with your love for chocolate?

Yes, this is possible thanks to the chocolate bath that you will find in Yunessun in Hakone, town very famous for its hot springs.

This is a limited time opportunity that the facility offers for the Valentine's season, with staff pouring chocolate into the tub twice a day, creating a sweet feeling and aroma that will also benefit your body and skin!

And in case you wonder, the bath is mixed gender and customers are required to wear a swimsuit, so no need to feel shy!

Source: Yunessun press release

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