Japanese Conveyor Belt Restaurant Etiquette

31 May 2019 by Sabrina

If you’re going to Japan, you might be interested to try one of the must-visit restaurant styles in Japan. Kaitenzushi, better known as Conveyor belt sushi is pretty famous abroad for its unique serving style! It’s the perfect location to find cheap-yet-fresh sushi. While it’s nice to experience eating at Kaitenzushi, you should know there are a few rules to follow. Learn the etiquette though and you’re ready to experience the fun of eating at Kaitenzushi!

1. Don’t touch plates on the conveyor belt unless you intend to take them.

Kaitenzushi has so many different types of sushi constantly revolving past you. Some of them can look delicious and some plain strange! But unless you’re set on trying something, no matter how odd looking, don’t take it off the conveyor belt unless you’re going to eat it! Touching plates just to look is very impolite. So just take the sushi plates you want to eat. Don’t worry though! Everything is so delicious you’ll be sure to want to eat everything!(≧∀≦)/

2. Don’t put plates back onto the conveyor belt at all!

This rule should be pretty self-explanatory. You wouldn’t want to eat food that has been touched and poked by other people, right? A rule that might not be so obvious to beginners of kaitenzushi is if the plates are empty, don’t put them back either. It might look like a convenient way to get rid of your empty plates but it will only anger the sushi chef! If you’re eating at Kaitenzushi, the traditional way of keeping empty plates is to stack them on the table. This is how the cost of your meal is usually calculated! (・ωー)~☆

3. Ordering a specific sushi, only to ignore it when it comes by.

Although there is plenty of freshly made sushi constantly revolving around, did you know you can also order custom sushi from the menu too? Just be sure not to order something you don’t want to eat! While you might change your mind, it’s pretty rude to the chef, especially if your order has been made. You have to be responsible for your own order and take it even if you don’t want it anymore. Please respect the chef who has made the sushi especially for you. (人・ω・)

4. Spraying on strong fragrance.

You might want to look good and smell good when you’re going out. Who wouldn’t! (●♡∀♡) Please don’t wear any strong smelling perfume/fragrance while you’re going to Kaitenzushi though. Why you might ask? Because it will interfere with the delicious aroma of the freshly-made sushi! The aroma of ingredients is considered an important part of your culinary experience along with the flavour. So you don’t want to be responsible for masking that yummy scent! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the aroma to create the best experience too!

5. Taking a plate that someone else ordered.

Maybe you spotted a delicious custom made piece of sushi whoosh by and you want to try it too? That’s all well and good, but don’t take their plate because it’s rude to both the customer and the chef! Just order directly from the chef or from the touch panel menu if you want something and you won’t be waiting long before you get your own plate!

These pretty much cover the beginners recommended etiquette for visiting your first Kaitenzushi. Now, you’re ready to experience “real” Japanese sushi on Kaitenzushi! Let’s find some Kaitenzushi near where you live! It’ll be sure to be an experience to remember! Let us know what you’d order first in the comments below!

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