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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogThe Most Delicious Ice Cream Spots in Japan!

The Most Delicious Ice Cream Spots in Japan!

Ish PatelIsh Patel
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July 29, 2019

Let me just begin by stating it's so hot right now in Japan that I'm always looking forward to something cool 24/7. From June to August, it is literally the hottest time ever! On top of that, however, this is the perfect season for the Japanese to scoop out some unique ice cream flavors. Almost every cafe and some restaurants will be selling ice cream and trust me you're not going to be disappointed. So here's some of the most delicious ice cream to try while touristing!

1. Tokyo Bay Aqua Line – Idebok Sweets Cafe

Umihotaru PA (the rest stop) is a very relaxing destination place! If you are looking to get out of the city and in the middle of the ocean, this is for you! Umihotaru is famous for being ‘the only shopping mall on the sea where you can enjoy panoramic 360º views of Tokyo Bay’. It is built on a 650m island (Kisazaru artificial island) surrounded by 360º of water! This is the perfect place to escape the city heat and enjoy a relatively mild weather. At this destination you can eat ramen, sushi, play games, walk your dog, and buy souvenirs! There are enough parking spots to travel by car through one of the longest underwater tunnels! *Note that there is a toll fee. 

There's a Starbucks and a lot of shops at the rest stop selling ice cream! My favorite is Idebok Sweets Cafe, though! When it comes to flavors, I am a very basic person so rest assure that there Vanilla is totally mind-blowing. I've never had a smooth and delicious one like the one they sell! Tastes exactly like small bites of heaven; pure condensed milk and is mild but sweet at the same time! They also sell a lot of other sweets like crepes and different flavors produced from the purest of ingredients!

2. Sensō-ji Temple, Asakusa – Itaria no Jerātoya

The Nakamise shopping street that connects Sensō-ji Temple’s main gate and the main hall is bustling with small stores that sell souvenirs, traditional clothing and some of the most unique flavors of ice cream! From Matcha to Tofu, or from Rum Raisin to Japanese Sake. An excellent place to visit while enjoying fresh flavors in the sun on your journey!

Itaria no Jerātoya is located right next to the street! Every time they change the flavours rest assure that they come up with the most unique/ different ones! Tastes that you have definitely never tried before! They are famous for making fresh, sweet homemade gelato in the store everyday and selling a variety of Japanese-inspired flavours such as their most popular tofu, green tea and sweet sake! Go check them out!

3. Convenience Store

Japan is very famous for having a convenience store located every other block! From 7/11 to lawson to grocery stores you can find food, snacks, and drinks for a relatively cheaper price! So of course I had to include some ice creams that are sold at the convenience store for your convenience which are worth trying! 

Morinaga Pino

In each pack there are six pieces, trust me, that's more than enough! Every piece is very satisfying! Pino is known for being small chocolate-covered ice cream balls. The outer layer of chocolate is thin but very yummy! It melts into your mouth instantly and then hits you with that pure vanilla in the centre! The pack also includes a plastic toothpick that is very convenient for eating them with!

Macaron Ice Sandwich

Commonly found in 7-Eleven, the thick serving of ice cream in the middle combined with the lightness of the macarron is definitely worth trying! Not only is it mildly sweet but for a warm sunny day it’s also refreshing and just perfect! They come in several flavours so make sure to try them all! My personal favourite is the pistachio!

Glico Ice-No-Mi

Ice No Mi is a round ball-shaped bite-sized gelato. Instantly the balls melt, leaving you with that unique texture and flavor burst. Several flavors are accessible, such as Mandarin Orange and grape, the most popular. They also have seasonal flavours like Peach and Melon for a limited time, so make sure you check which one is available for you when you visit! It’s exactly like eating frozen fruits to cool down during a hot, sunny day! 

4. Eddy's Ice Cream

One of Tokyo’s most Instagram-Worthy places to visit today, Eddy’s Ice Cream offers super insta-able colourful ice creams in the center of Kawaii culture, Harajuku. The amount of toppings and colourful extras you can get here is amazing! The grand menu Eddy’s Ice Cream offers, where the toppings are already chosen, is super popular, but you can also customise as much as you want – there are 10 cones and 3 soft creams to choose from as well as 13 different toppings. How long would it take to try everything?!

These are obviously just a few of our best selections on ice cream spots in Tokyo. After all, there are probably hundreds of ice cream spots in Harajuku alone! Have you ever visited any ice cream spots in Tokyo? What's your favourite ice cream flavour? Let us know in the comments below!

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