5 Most Delicious Matcha Items to be Found in Japan!

12 August 2019 by Selly

Hands up, Matcha Lovers!! It’s the best season to enjoy Matcha products. This flavour is becoming hugely popular and attracting people around the world, which makes it a perfect ingredient for drinks and desserts. That’s the reason why you can find a lot of cafes and restaurants serving delicious Matcha foods like ice cream, parfait, dango, and so much more. But it doesn’t stop there! You can also find so many good Matcha snacks while you’re in Japan. Be ready, because after you’re done reading this, you'll want to go to your nearest Japanese convenience store to find them asap!

1. Bourbon Alfort Mini Chocolate

The tastiest chocolate biscuits in Japan, ALFORT by BOURBON, now comes in Premium Matcha flavour edition! Made with the finest Uji Matcha leaves, you can enjoy the sweetness and crunchiness of a chocolate biscuit with a rich flavour of matcha topping. It’s a perfect snack to be enjoyed with coffee or tea. Would you try this one?

2. BOBA365 (ボバ365)

Just 10 minutes away from Asakusa Station, you will find a Japanese bubble tea which has been serving matcha bubble tea since November 2018. This place uses well-selected ingredients of tapioca pearls, matcha and green tea leaves which makes the drink super tasty! FYI, the tapioca-pearls are additive-free so the boba in their drink is always freshly made. They don't only have drinks though, so you can also enjoy their newest snack, a Dorayaki Cake that is available in 4 flavours: matcha, houjicha, ogura (red bean paste), and cheese! Which would you try?

3. Yukimi Daifuku Matcha

One of the most popular Japanese mochi ice creams in Japan, Yukimi Daifuku by LOTTE just released their newest flavour of Matcha in May 2019. This edition is made using the best quality of Uji Matcha from Kyoto, which is definitely a-must try! In the first bite of this chewy mochi, you will taste the ultimate delight of matcha bean paste inside. As the weather gets warmer outside, this mochi ice cream is absolutely perfect for your Summer snack!

4. Calbee Potato Chips

Have you ever heard a potato chips coated in matcha and chocolate before? Well, you can try this Zeitaku Matcha by Calbee chips that can be found everywhere in Japan! Rather than a green tea powder, this potato chips is coated with matcha chocolate instead. To prevent the sweetness from overpowering everything else in one bite, the matcha chocolate only covers one side of the chips. Interesting, right? So, on a scale of 1-10, how curious are you to try this matcha potato chip?

5. KitKat Mini “Otona no Amasa Deep Matcha”

It’s the most popular Japanese chocolate bar without doubt... Kit Kat! It was released in September 2017, and is still famous among Matcha Lovers even now. As the name suggests, this edition is low in sweetness and contains a deep matcha flavour. The chocolate coating is made from matcha paste and extra ground matcha tea leaves, making the taste of chocolate more subtle. If you’re looking for the real taste of a matcha bar, you must try this Kit Kat Deep Matcha right now! You can buy it through this link for only $4.22! 😉

That’s a wrap from us! Which one do you want to try the most? We bet you want to try ALL of them! Let us know in the comments below and if you’re looking for any matcha snacks and drinks, you can also check it out on JapanHaul!

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