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February Treats – Valentine Edition!

Hey everyone!!! Our February box is a special Valentines theme, can you tell?? ^o^ Here’s a look of all the contents from this month’s box!


Good Luck with Chopsticks Fortune

Japan takes their chopsticks (お箸 ohashi) seriously. This month we’ve included traditional Japanese chopsticks so you can practice and become an expert in no time! Now it’s time to say goodbye to that fork for good and put those chopsticks to work! Note that these are NOT your ordinary chopsticks. Each pair has a fortune attached to it that will reveal the luck you will have in store for you. What will your fortune tell you?


Sweet Red Bean Soup

Red bean is a traditional dessert in Japan and usually enjoyed during the winter seasons. It’s sweet and unique taste is what makes it popular among all ages. You can drink it cold, but we definitely recommend you warming it up to gain maximum deliciousness!!


Kracie’s Mr Fun Bakery

Who says you can’t play with your food?? This  super cool DIY allows you to make your own dessert by decorating tart crust and wafers with cream and candy! By simply adding water you can stir, mold and knead this kit into bakery goods! If you had fun making this, don’t forget to share the results and tag us with #tokyotreat!


LOOKs Two Types of Strawberry

These delicious chocolates are made by popular confectionery company Fujiya. This LOOK chocolate contains creamy strawberry center encased in rich milky chocolate. Who doesn’t love receiving chocolate for Valentines? (*^▽^*)


String Candy Grape and Muscat Taste

This fun shaped candy comes in grape and muscat flavor. Braid them, twist them, and enjoy the two flavors together to create a new delicious flavor!


Fujiya Peko Poko Chocolate

This month we include the cute and famous Japanase characters Peko and Poko in the shape of lollies! These Fujiya lollipops are hard to come across outside of Japan, but we’re glad we managed to get our hands on them just in time for Valentines!


Lotte Koume Soft Candy

Lotte’s deliciously soft chew is pumped with an addicting plum flavor that will keep you wanting more! To share or not to share? That is the question!! (^∇^)


Dontaco’s Chilli Taco Flavored Chips

Imagine Doritos, but seasoned with more flavor and crisp! Made from real ingredients of a taco, these are awesome with salsa or other drips!


Strawberry Heart Pocky

These heart shaped Pocky sticks screams Valentine!! Covered with premium strawberry coating, enjoy flecks of real strawberry bits. This snack is perfect for our Valentines theme this month, don’t you think? Why not try playing the Pocky game with your loved one?? (‐^▽^‐)


Kiki and Lala Strawberry Crunch

Kiki and Lala are two of Japan’s cutest characters, famously known as Two Little Twin Stars. This season, they bring you this tasty strawberry snack in a super kawaii packaging!


Grain Gummy

Grain gummy comes in a variety of juicy flavors. The flavors of apple, grape, muscat were coated in sugar almost like a jelly bean. Which flavor did you enjoy most??


Collis Strange Gum 2

You might be wondering “what’s with the name?”. Well, this isn’t like your ordinary gum. Enjoy the flavors of strawberry, lemon, and apple, then wait until it changes flavors to grape. Give it a go and let us know what you think!!


Nagewa Mentai Mayo Flavor

This treat is a limited edition mentai Negewa mayonnaise-flavored version of the snack, which resembles the recognized Japanese dish that is surprisingly both sweet and savory. You may not be familiar with the flavor, but we hope you’ll enjoy it!

IMG_3195 (1)

Princess’ Lost Treasure

Enjoy these retro double berry cookie crisps from us to you! The crunchy exterior pairs amazingly with the sweet filling on the inside. Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!!


What do YOU think of this month’s box? (^▽^)

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