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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogYumeTwins | February’s YumeTwins Items Revealed

YumeTwins | February’s YumeTwins Items Revealed

Ratih AntoniaRatih Antonia
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March 04, 2017
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June 21, 2022

February's box theme was New Favorite! We decided to include some new adorable characters that have never been featured in YumeTwins boxes before, on top of all time favorites that will surely make you happy!

February's YumeTwins Kawaii Items Revealed

Shinada Fumofumo-san Plush

Say Hi to Fumofumo-san! He’s an unidentified creature that lives on the top of the clouds and was discovered in 2002 by Japanese plush maker Shinada. Fumofumo-san even has it’s own line of Line stickers. Aren’t these Fumofumo-san plushes just adorable? In total, there are 24 different types and you will find 1 in your February box!

Neko Atsume Reusable Shopping Bag

Originally released as a smartphone app, Neko Atsume’s popularity has grown a lot since it’s release in 2014. This month Neko Atsume makes an appearance in your box as a reusable shopping bag. The conveniently foldable bag comes with it’s own storing bag and comes in 2 colors/designs. Did you get the bag you wished for?

Sumikko Gurashi Wall Hook

Sumikko Gurashi, is a line of characters, by San-X, who are all shy and like to huddle in the corner. First released in 2012, the adorable characters of Sumikko Gurashi have already gained popularity in Japan and now seeing popularity across the globe as well. This month, we’ve put in practical wall hook with cute Sumikko Gurashi designs. Which of the 4 characters did you get?

AMUSE Cat a la Mode Keychain

Check out the super kawaii keychain we got you this month! Made by AMUSE, the yummy looking sweets have cute cat motif on them. Which of the 10 adorable Cat a-la-mode keychain did you get? Because these come with a ball chain, you can put it on many things. Put it on your cosmetic bag or your purse or use as a keychain!

Bananya Mini-mascot Keychain

Are you familiar with Bananya? Bananya is a popular Japanese anime based on a white cat who lives inside a banana. The show debuted in July 2016 and although it’s still a very new show, the title character’s cuteness has captured the hearts of many people and even has a strong following outside Japan. Your February box includes 1 of 5 Bananya characters – which do you like best?

Which was your favorite item from February's box?

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