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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogFive July Events to Enjoy in Tokyo!

Five July Events to Enjoy in Tokyo!

Sophia WasylinkoSophia Wasylinko
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June 11, 2024
A bunch of lanterns at one of many July events in Tokyo.

Summer is a busy time for tourists in Japan, especially in Tokyo. These natsu matsuri (summer festivals) range from traditional holidays to modern celebrations of nature, music, and art. We hope you’re inspired to check out one of these July events. What are you waiting for? Ikimashou (let’s go)!

Kagaya Starry Sky World Exhibition (May 1-July 1)

Located on the sixth floor of the Yokohama SOGO Department Store, the SOGO Museum of Art showcases different exhibitions from Japanese and Western artists every year. Its newest collection highlights Saitama photographer and digital artist Kagaya Yutaka, bringing the wonders of the sky to city dwellers and guests. The Kagaya Starry Sky World Exhibition will take your breath away and is an excellent choice for a date or family outing. Pair your visit with a trip to the rest of the mall.  

A scene from the Kagaya Starry Sky World Exhibition.
These are some of the most breathtaking sights in the world. Image via Japan Travel

Access: A three-minute walk from Yokohama Station’s East Exit  

Hours: 10 am to 8 pm

Admission: 1200 JPY ($8 USD) in advance, 1400 JPY ($9 USD) at the door

Ocean Peoples Tokyo (July 6-7)

Moving northeast, we go to Chiba’s Sunset Beach Park Inage for this fun sea festival. Ocean Peoples Tokyo aims to connect people to the ocean to protect the waters and all creatures that live in it. There are surfboards, an open market, seafood, and live music. This year’s lineup includes YONA YONA WEEKENDERS on July 6th and ZEN-LA-ROCK on July 7th. If you’re in Chiba this weekend, we strongly encourage you to check out Ocean Peoples Tokyo.

A bunch of people dancing at the Ocean People's Tokyo event.
This is a beach music festival! Image via Timeout Tokyo

Access: A 20-minute walk from Inage Kaigan Station

Hours: Open all day. The timetable to be announced soon 

Admission: 8000 JPY ($51 USD) for a 1-day pass, 12000 JPY ($77 USD) for a 2-day pass. Entrance to the market is free

Shitamachi Tanabata (July 6-7)

Held on Kappabashi Hondōri between Asakusa and Ueno, the tanabata (star festival) remembers star-crossed lovers Hikoboshi and Orihime. A parade on the 6th will also feature police motorcycles and school bands, street performances, including dancing and taiko drumming, on the 7th, and a street market on both days. You’ll also get to write wishes on bamboo strips that will be burned or floated away. If you cannot attend Sendai’s Tanabata in August, please check out Tokyo’s Shitamachi Tanabata in July!

A bunch of older woman in festival garb dancing in the Shitamachi Tanabata, one of many July events in Tokyo.
This festival is in Ueno and Asakusa. Image via Shutterstock

Access: Three-minute walk from Asakusa Station and five from Iriya Station, Tawaramachi, and Inaricho Stations. Kappabashi Hondōri will be closed to vehicle traffic that weekend

Hours: 10 am to 7 pm

Admission: Free

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Enoshima Tenno Festival (early July) 

Said to ward off natural disasters and epidemics, the Enoshima Tenno Festival is usually held around July 14 and lasts five days. On the main day, a mikoshi (portable shrine) is carried from Enoshima’s Yasaka Shrine and plunged into the ocean waters in purification rites. It then joins the mikoshi from the Koyurugi Shrine in Koshigoe, Kamakura; the two are carried together before returning to their home shrines in the evening. It is an exciting event that you must experience if you’re in Enoshima this summer.

People holding a shrine in the ocean at the Enoshima Tenno Festival.
This festival is in sunny Enoshima! Image via Tokyo Cheapo

Access: 15 to 23-minute walk from Enoshima, Katase Enoshima, and Shonan Enoshima Stations

Hours: 9:30 am to 6 pm. The dates for 2024 will be posted soon 

Admission: Free

Windmill Sunflower Garden (July 6-21)

Our final entry takes us back to Chiba Prefecture. Sakura City’s Windmill Sunflower Garden is home to over 15,000 sunflowers. While there, you can ride a boat on Lake Inba, visit the Liefde windmill, and eat delicious soft-serve ice cream. We also recommend getting the “Traveling Sakura 1-Day Ticket” as a smartphone app or paper ticket. Give this garden a try! 

A bunch of sunflowers in Sakura, Chiba, during one of many July events.
There are lots of sunflowers in Chiba. Image via Shutterstock

Access: 10 minutes by taxi or 40 minutes by foot from Keisei Sakura Station. You can also rent a regular bicycle for 600 JPY ($4 USD) or an electric one for 1200 JPY ($8 USD)

Hours: 9 am to 4 pm

Admission: Free. You can pick up to two sunflowers for 100 JPY ($1 USD) each

Why should I check out these July events?

You should check out these July events because they’re perfect for the summer! Tourists will also learn and explore more about Shintoism, local art and cuisine, and the natural beauty surrounding Tokyo with less hustle and bustle. While some of these festivals have admission fees, they are more affordable compared to other tourist attractions and events, allowing you to save money for future activities. (Or spend more on market wares and street food!)

A bunch of fireworks at one of many July events in Tokyo.
Have you ever been to these events before? Image via Shutterstock

Finally, all the natsu matsuri highlighted here offer chances for amazing photoshoots. The sunflower shots and seaside selfies you take will capture these moments better than the priciest souvenirs can. Which of these July events are you planning to attend? Tell us in the comments!

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