Special Halloween Treats Only in Japan

12 October 2019 by Ragil

Are you ready for trick-or-treating? ‘Cause we sure are! In Japan, cafes and restaurants have been preparing to celebrate this spooky season by decorating their interiors or adding seasonal menus themed for Halloween. This means you can only find these treats for a short time, so be on the lookout!

Here are some treats for Halloween you can try only in Japan:

1. Baskin Robbins


Baskin Robbins is definitely excited to celebrate Halloween, they have many new flavors. One of them is Orange Slime Time, the new recommended flavor of the month. This flavor is available only for the season. The combination of orange ice cream and the sour “slime” ribbons make for a refreshing treat on autumn days. 


The other flavor that caught our attention the most is called Magical Mint Knight. It’s a combination of bitter chocolate, mint and candy pieces. Not only does it look awesome, but it also tastes amazing, especially if you’re a fan of bitter chocolate.

2. Starbucks


Starbucks is inviting everyone to their Halloween Masquerade Party! They’ve added three seasonal beverages and two donut flavors onto their menus for Halloween this year. 


For cold beverages, you can order a Halloween Red Knight Frappuccino which has mixed berries and white chocolate brownie pieces. Or, if you want to turn up the volume on sweetness, you can order a Halloween Black Knight Frappuccino instead, which contains sweet black cocoa with mixed berries. As for hot beverages, they’ll prepare a Halloween Masquerade Raspberry Mocha to keep you warm through the night!


There’s also the option of purchasing a cute stand cup in a black or white bat design to add even more festiveness to the Masquerade Party. 

Lastly, you can feast on a Berry Sauce Donut or Berry Sauce Chocolate Donut. Filled with strawberry sauce on the inside, they’re coated with chocolate or strawberry on the outside, and sprinkled with white pearl candies on top--they’ll make for very appetizing snacks to enjoy with your drink!

3. Eggs ‘n Things


This Halloween, you can partake in an extraordinary menu from Eggs 'n Things in Japan. Pumpkin Monster Pancakes and Halloween Benedicts are available from October 16th until the end of the month. These limited time items are only available on the menu for just two weeks until the spooky season ends. 

4. Mister Donut


To wrap up our list, we’ll end with everyone’s favorite donut chain, Mister Donut. This year’s foray into the Halloween season is centered on the ‘Misdo Halloween Party’ theme to spookify their menu. There are all sorts of fun flavors such as Mummy Chocolate Man, Purple Wolf and Bone White. Krispy Kreme Japan also has a fun assortment of Halloween donuts as well this year. Get the fright party started when you bring a box of these yummy treats home!

Halloween in Japan has really only been around for the last few years, but we can see that there is a lot of focus on having a good time! Which of these seasonal treats excites you the most?

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