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A woman wearing a bright pink kimono during hanami season.
A woman wearing a bright pink kimono during hanami season.

Hanami Clothes: Best Ones to Wear for the Spring!

Devon Lord-MoncriefDevon Lord-Moncrief
Published Time
Posted on March 06, 2024

Warm breezes carrying sweet scents of spring, colorful flowers and trees all in bloom, and tons of outdoor activities practically beg for cute and stylish outfits. Look no further than traditional hanami clothing! It’s necessary for anyone wanting to dress in something special this spring season.  

What is “hanami”?

In Japan, the term “hanami” refers to enjoying flowers. Specifically, the term refers to the beauty of flowers and how people can simply enjoy their natural beauty and existence. Even more specifically, it is often associated with Japan’s famous sakura trees. They usually occur between March and April every year–however, in places like Okinawa and Hokkaido, they happen as early as February and as late as May!

A hanami picnic.
A hanami picnic is when people view the flowers! Image via Shutterstock

Hanami clothing can be traditional kimonos and accessories. It can also be clothing decorated with spring flowers. Sakura viewings and tea ceremonies are part of many spring festivals. Hanami-themed kimonos and attire are perfect for these occasions. You can wear cute shirts and skirts during spring too. But those who want to wear traditional attire can find some beautiful kimonos and accessories.


The national dress of Japan, the kimono, dates back millennia through Japan’s history. Whether worn as informal everyday clothing or reserved for more essential and ceremonial events, kimonos are incredibly versatile. During the spring, kimonos decorated in floral themes are standard and fantastic ways of celebrating the season. Some kimonos are simple in tone and design, with pure whites accented by floral designs. 

A green spring kimono, which is a great example of hanami clothing.
You can never go wrong with a kimono for the spring! Image via Shutterstock

Others are much more striking, with vibrant blues, reds, and pinks representing spring colors. Whether worn for daily fashion or special events, Hanami kimonos are a spring-time staple across Japan. It is expected to see women dressed in floral kimonos during spring, spending time outdoors with friends and family, and enjoying the fantastic weather.

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The lynchpin of every eye-catching outfit, purses double as fashionable and practical accessories. Hanami purses come in all shapes, styles, and varieties, from smaller handbags to more oversized over-the-shoulder totes. Some may be simple and elegant, with clean whites and sleek leather, while others may be bold and loud in their designs.

An assortment of Japanese spring purses.
A purse will go well with your spring clothing. Image via Shutterstock

As versatile as their complimentary kimonos, purses tie an outfit together while storing all the essential items and goods you’ll need throughout the day. These purses pair perfectly with accompanying kimonos, creating the perfect springtime outfit. You can carry your coins and other knick knacks as well!


Furoshiki are traditional cloths used throughout Japan to wrap various items and goods. The wrapped items may be given as gifts or tied up to ensure safety during transit. Furoshiki comes in an endless variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Hanami-themed furoshiki come in a rainbow of colors and designs, with spring’s dazzling display of flowers and sunshine printed all across them.

A blue and pink furoshiki, which is perfect for wrapping hanami food.
A furoshiki is perfect for wrapping up food for a hanami picnic! Image via Shutterstock

A furoshiki is a beautiful gift and helps serve and carry springtime snacks and meals. Moreover, a gift from a good friend is nice, but receiving a gift from a good friend wrapped in a beautiful cloth depicts Mt. Fuji surrounded by sakura petals. It’s also perfect for wrapping up the food you want to bring to the hanami picnic!

Why should I check out these clothes for hanami?

Japan values the spring season culturally. During this time, sakura festivals, tea ceremonies, and spring-themed snacks are prevalent. This particular fashion is a great way to celebrate spring. You can dress in a kimono with a matching purse. You can pack it with furoshiki-wrapped goods.

An orange infinity kimono scarf from Hanami Clothing in Kyoto.
What kind of clothing would you like to wear this spring? Image via Shutterstock

Springtime fashion is not only fashionable but also culturally significant. Even if you can’t dress in traditional attire, you can sport an attractive purse or a simple sun dress or skirt. As a matter of fact, “Hanami Clothing” is an actual clothing store in Kyoto! They create beautiful spring clothing by repurposing vintage kimonos, obis, and other materials. The art of creating hanami clothing is still alive today.

Have you worn any hanami clothing before? If so, what exactly did you wear? Did you buy it in Japan? Were you able to attend any festivals or ceremonies in your outfit? Please tell us in the comments below! We would love to hear how you dressed up in this beautiful fashion.

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