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A family on the beach, with their hands in the air; They are dressed in all white, and no longer have to ask the question "how many days until summer".
A family on the beach, with their hands in the air; They are dressed in all white, and no longer have to ask the question "how many days until summer".

How Many Days Until Summer? Discover Japan’s Top Activities!

Thalia HarrisThalia Harris
Published Time
Posted on May 17, 2023
Modified Time
Updated last November 20, 2023

Get ready to ignite your summer with an extraordinary journey through the vibrant wonders of Japan! As the sunny season approaches, this fascinating country unveils a treasure trove of exhilarating experiences and awe-inspiring destinations that will sweep you off your feet.

Generally, Japan is a playground of excitement, from electrifying festivals to serene natural retreats. It also offers an abundance of sights, sounds, and flavors to indulge in. So, buckle up and prepare for a summer escapade like no other!

What can I do in Tokyo for the summer?

When it comes to summertime in Tokyo, the city offers a plethora of exciting activities and experiences to indulge in. To beat the heat and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, head to Tokyo’s numerous festivals, such as the Sumida River Fireworks Festival and Obon celebrations.

These lively events showcase Japan’s rich traditions and provide a fantastic opportunity to enjoy dazzling fireworks displays, traditional dances, and lantern processions.

An Obon Tokyo festival featuring dancers in pink traditional garb.
There are plenty of Obon celebrations in the city! Image via Shutterstock

For a refreshing escape from the bustling city, Tokyo boasts a variety of parks and gardens. Stroll through the picturesque Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden or explore the vibrant Yoyogi Park, where street performances and picnics create a lively atmosphere. These urban oases offer a serene respite from the summer heat, allowing you to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Furthermore, Tokyo’s culinary scene is a delight during the summer season. Indulge in seasonal treats like kakigoori, a refreshing shaved ice dessert in various flavors, or savor delicious street-side yakitori. Exploring the vibrant night markets is another excellent option, as they offer various delectable street food from Japanese and international cuisines.

Fireworks at night in Tokyo, with Tokyo Tower near the center.
Fireworks are a staple in Japanese summertime! Image via Shutterstock

With incredible festivals, serene parks, and tempting culinary delights, Tokyo ensures an unforgettable summer experience for locals and visitors. Whether you’re celebrating at a lively festival, finding solace in a tranquil garden, or savoring the diverse flavors of the city, Tokyo offers endless possibilities for a memorable summer adventure.

What can I do in Osaka for the summer?

Unveil the wonders of Osaka in summer, where vibrant cityscapes and distinct neighborhoods beckon. Begin in Dotonbori, savoring local delicacies amid neon lights and energetic vibes. Capture a photo with the iconic Glico Running Man.

Osaka Castle during the day near a moat with green water.
Osaka Castle is a year-round historical attraction! Image via Shutterstock

Explore Osaka Castle Park, immersed in history and surrounded by tranquil moats and greenery. Experience the Umeda Sky Building’s panoramic views, embracing Osaka’s modern allure.

Celebrate summer with lively festivals like Tenjin Matsuri, witnessing colorful processions and dazzling fireworks. As night falls, immerse yourself in Kitashinchi’s trendy nightlife scene, indulging in upscale dining, chic bars, and lively clubs.

Osaka at night during the summer time, with a lot of neon lights.
Osaka food is fantastic, especially in the hot weather! Image via Shutterstock

Discover Osaka’s diverse charm, from culinary delights and historical marvels to festive celebrations and vibrant nightlife. Let the city captivate you with its summer offerings, creating cherished memories in this dynamic destination.

Can’t wait to enjoy fantastic Japanese summer snacks this summer? Check out TokyoTreat! TokyoTreat delivers the latest Japanese snacks, sweets, beverages, candy, and noodles straight from Japan to your door, so you can taste Osaka without leaving your home!

What amusement parks can I visit in Japan?

Japan is a treasure trove of amusement parks offering thrilling adventures for all ages. Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan are iconic destinations where beloved characters come to life.

A Ferris wheel at night at a Kobe amusement park. How many days until summer?
Ferris wheels are ubiquitous at Japanese amusement parks! Image via Shutterstock

Tokyo Disneyland immerses visitors in enchanting lands, exciting rides, spectacular parades, and immersive shows. Universal Studios Japan in Osaka invites you to enter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, indulge in Butterbeer, and experience thrilling movie-inspired rides.

For thrill-seekers, Nagashima Resort in Mie Prefecture features Nagashima Spa Land with a wide array of adrenaline-fueled roller coasters and rides. Fuji-Q Highland, near Mount Fuji, is renowned for record-breaking roller coasters and stunning views, providing an unforgettable blend of excitement and scenery.

Two women taking selfies at night in a Japanese amusement park.
There are so many amusement parks to have a blast at! Image via Shutterstock

There are plenty of fun amusement parks in Japan, from Disney’s enchantment to Universal Studios’ cinematic wonders. Whether you seek magical adventures, heart-pounding thrills, or awe-inspiring landscapes, Japan’s amusement parks have something for everyone.

What can I do on the beach in Japan?

One favorite beach activity is “Suikawari,” where blindfolded participants take turns trying to break a watermelon with a stick. It’s a refreshing and hilarious game that adds laughter to your beach day.

In addition, beach volleyball is a fantastic choice for those seeking a more active experience. Gather friends and set up a net on the sand for competitive and energetic fun. Dive, spike, and get to victory while enjoying the beach atmosphere!

A family enjoying the beach at Wakayama.
Everyday beach activities include suikawari and barbecues! Image via Shutterstock

To enhance your beach outing, consider having a barbecue. Fire up the grill and savor delicious meats and fresh seafood while soaking up the sun. It’s a perfect opportunity to indulge in mouthwatering flavors amidst the beach backdrop.

Finally, end your beach day with a breathtaking spectacle of fireworks. Many beaches in Japan host fireworks displays during the summer season, illuminating the night sky with vibrant colors and patterns. It’s a mesmerizing sight that adds a touch of magic to your beach experience.

A bowl of strawberry kakigoori (shaved ice) with red strawberry syrup.
Kakigoori is one of the most iconic Japanese summer desserts! Image via Shutterstock

From the thrilling Suikawari to the energetic beach volleyball and the delightful flavors of barbecue and kakigoori while enjoying the stunning fireworks, Japan’s beach activities offer endless opportunities for excitement and enjoyment!

Are there any fantastic museums I can visit in Japan during the summer?

To start your adventure, visit the Kyoto International Manga Museum, where manga enthusiasts dive into a realm of imagination. With its vast collection spanning different eras, visitors can get lost in the enchanting pages of their favorite manga and engage in interactive exhibitions. Moreover, manga workshops offer the chance to unleash your creativity and delve deeper into the captivating art form.

A display of anime statuettes, including Pikachu, the yellow mouse from Pokemon.
What kind of anime would you like to learn more about? Image via Shutterstock

Afterward, continue your anime exploration at the Toshima City Tokiwaso Manga Museum in Tokyo, where manga magic comes to life. You can also discover the fascinating origins of legendary manga artist Osamu Tezuka and immerse yourself in his iconic creations like Astro Boy. Interactive displays bring the creative process to life, allowing visitors to witness the evolution of manga throughout history.

For a nostalgic adventure, visit the Fujiko F Fujio Museum in Kawasaki—step into the whimsical world of Doraemon, the beloved robotic cat, and his extraordinary friends. Explore original artwork, stroll through a replica of the artist’s studio, and marvel at Doraemon’s fantastical gadgets and magical escapades.

The exterior of the Tezuka anime museum, with a golden phoenix statue in the front.
Anime museums are a great way to enjoy the history of Japanese cartoons! Image via Shutterstock

These anime museums are more than showcases; they are gateways to extraordinary realms brimming with wonder, inspiration, and boundless creativity. Whether you’re a devoted fan or simply curious about anime, these museums offer an electrifying summer experience. They promise to ignite your passion for animated storytelling.

Why is summertime so fun in Japan?

In a nutshell, Japan’s summertime extravaganza is an absolute blast. It has thrilling attractions, mind-blowing cultural wonders, and jaw-dropping landscapes.

A beautiful blue beach in Miyakojima, asking the questions "how many days until summer".
What would you like to do in Japan this summer? Image via Shutterstock

Whether itching to dive headfirst into the pulse-pounding excitement of a traditional festival, geek out at the mind-boggling anime and manga museums! Japan is the perfect summer getaway! What’s your ultimate summer fantasy in Japan?

Are you itching to rock out at a funky festival, geek out over your favorite anime characters, or get lost in the ethereal beauty of Japan’s natural wonders? Let us know in the comments below!

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