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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogHow to Throw a Party: Tokyo Christmas Style!

How to Throw a Party: Tokyo Christmas Style!

Thuy FangThuy Fang
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December 28, 2022
Three women in Santa hats clinking their champagne glasses as they throw a Christmas party.

Annual Christmas has become a memorable holiday in Tokyo and an occasion for people to make friends and bond! Organizing a perfect party is the primary key to a wonderful and joyful Christmas.  Let’s see how people in Tokyo throw a party to celebrate Christmas!

The indispensable foods in Tokyo Christmas parties

Usually, a typical Christmas party in Tokyo has a lot of Western dishes with little or no traditional Japanese food. Among them, five unique words are essential to throwing a Christmas party!

Hearty fried chicken!

Fried or grilled chicken is the most popular meat dish at every home party in Tokyo and Japan. These dishes were inspired by roast turkey, which is common in Western countries’ Thanksgiving or Christmas parties. Even ordering the original fried chicken from KFC at the end of December has become crucial in Japan. 

A bucket of Christmas fried chicken.
Fried chicken is essential to a Japanese-style Christmas! Image via Shutterstock

In addition to KFC fried chicken, chicken dishes such as rotisserie chicken, teriyaki chicken, and karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken) are also popular in Tokyo’s Christmas season. 


The variety of flavors and the crispiness of pizza also accompany Tokyo people at Christmas Eve dinner. These warm pizza pies represent the sharing and cozy gathering with family and friends in the cold winter. In Tokyo, just ordering pizza delivery is also a way to throw a party at Christmas.

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Potato salad

This salad is very creamy and healthy and can also resemble Christmas trees with small pieces/slices of broccoli, carrot, and ham as colorful decorations. It’s also one of the best methods which help children eat more vegetables at festive parties. 

Cream stew

Cream stew, or “White Stew,” is another typical Christmas dish in Japan. It’s a thick soup dish generally served with bread that helps keep the body warm. This Christmas dish includes a lot of nutritious ingredients!

They include chicken, pork, mushroom, and various vegetables such as potato, carrot, and onion. These ingredients will be chopped to bite-sized and then cooked with cream. 

Christmas cake

At the end of the Christmas party, there’s always the shine of the sweet cakes. In Tokyo, lovely sweet cakes with diverse flavors and Christmas decorations have become the spirit of the party.

A plate of white frosted Christmas cake, complete with green and red decoration.
Christmas cake is very popular during this time! Image via Shutterstock

Cake decorations include typical Christmas symbols such as snowmen, Santa Claus, or mistletoe. Also, Christmas cakes resemble Disney characters, anime characters, and superheroes are very popular with children in Tokyo.

Throw a Tokyo Christmas style party at home! 

A Tokyo-style Christmas party will be perfect if you can cook your food at home, including some of the five dishes mentioned above. Ordering meals online or buying Christmas dishes at nearby supermarkets or convenience stores will be faster and more convenient. KFC fried chicken is famous during Christmas in Tokyo, as well as rotisserie chicken, teriyaki chicken, and karaage. 

A group of female friends wearing reindeer antlers and taking selfies during a Christmas party.
In order to throw a party, you need good friends and a great atmosphere! Image via Shutterstock

The Japanese also have a habit of decorating their homes according to the seasons, and Christmas is no exception. You can decorate your house in Christmas style to impress your guests when they come for a party.

Moreover, setting up the table in Christmas style is also one of the essential steps in party preparation. For instance, you can use Christmas-printed bowls and plates, light candles, or even put a Christmas tree on the table. 

Throw a Christmas party in downtown Tokyo!

Many restaurants and diners in downtown Tokyo are very crowded on Christmas Day! Book a restaurant table for Christmas as soon as possible if you plan to have a party there. 

An out of focus shot of people at a restaurant during Christmas time, with a tree in the foreground.
There are a lot of restaurants open during the holidays, so eat at the one you like the most! Image via Shutterstock

Buffets, eateries, and bars are great party spots in Tokyo! One of the well-known Christmas buffets in Tokyo you can try is the dessert buffet at InterContinental Tokyo Bay!

We hope you’ve learned how to throw a party in Tokyo Christmas style. Why don’t you try using the suggestions in this article to create your own Christmas party next year? 

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