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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogHuis Ten Bosch: The Best Christmas Theme Park in Japan!

Huis Ten Bosch: The Best Christmas Theme Park in Japan!

Sophia WasylinkoSophia Wasylinko
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November 30, 2023
A beautiful canal at Huis Ten Bosch.

Huis Ten Bosch (ハ ウ ス テ ン ホ)  is one of Japan’s most unique theme parks. It combines Dutch buildings, modern attractions, and unique seasonal events, especially Christmas. We’ll tell you everything about Huis Ten Bosch and why so many people like this park. We’ll also show you its Christmas events and attractions. By the end, you’ll too be convinced that Huis Ten Bosch is the best Christmas theme park in Japan!

What is Huis Ten Bosch? 

Huis Ten Bosch (“House in the Forest”) is on Hario Island near Sasebo, Nagasaki. It’s named after one of the official residences of the Dutch royal family. Japan has been friends with the Netherlands since 1609 when the first Dutch trading post opened in Hirado. 

A Christmas tree at Huis Ten Bosch.
This amazing Christmas tree towers over the whole park. Image via Shutterstock

The park is home to Amsterdam City and replicas of Huis Ten Bosch Palace and the Domtoren. It hosts a tulip festival and has its own Opera Company. There are even horse-drawn carriages and gondolas. But Huis Ten Bosch also has dinosaur-themed and VR attractions and an Adventure Park with ziplines and suspension bridges. 

The Fantasia City of Lights has themed light and projection mapping shows. The Sky Carousel is Japan’s first three-story merry-go-round and one of the world’s tallest (15 meters high). It and the White Ferris Wheel are lit up at night, offering amazing city views.

A bunch of Christmas toys at a Dutch-inspired amusement park.
You can get Christmas toys here! Image via Shutterstock

Finally, there’s the Henn Na Hotel (Strange Hotel). Guinness World Records says it’s the world’s first robot-staffed hotel. If this sounds too weird, don’t worry; there are five other hotels with human staff to stay at.

Why do people like the park?

While the attractions are fascinating, there are other reasons why people like Huis Ten Bosch. First, there are the seasonal light displays. Huis Ten Bosch doesn’t shy away from extravagant yet beautifully designed shows, and they bring a different side of the park to life. The winter illuminations primarily draw positive feedback and repeat visitors.

The Christmas Town Market at an amusement park.
This is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the country! Image via Shutterstock

Next, people find Huis Ten Bosch generally more affordable and less crowded than more extensive parks such as Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan. While some feel the park is overpriced with the slower pace, others feel its beauty and the variety of activities are worth the price.

Finally, many visitors are blown away by how accurate the replica Dutch town is compared to the actual buildings in the Netherlands. Several people have said they feel transported back thanks to the attention to detail.

What can I see at Huis Ten Bosch during Christmastime? 

While the park goes all-out for Halloween with a Haunted House and the now-closed Thriller City, it’s at Christmas that it truly shines.

Christmas Town (Nov 10-Jan 8) 

The Christmas Market offers European-style foods and merch of Nijntje/Miffy, Tuly, Leuk, and Luna. There are carnival games, appearances from Santa, and the spectacular Melody of Christmas concert. The Amsterdam City Passage has a poinsettia tree perfect for photoshoots. And from December 1-February 29, visitors can skate on the frozen canal.

Fireworks during Christmas.
Image via Shutterstock

Christmas fireworks

Huis Ten Bosch’s impressive Christmas fireworks show features traditional shapes and romantic hearts timed to a Christmas soundtrack. The 2023 Christmas fireworks are 8:30-8:45 pm on December 16 and 23-25 at the Harbor Town. Seats can be reserved on the park’s website.

Kingdom of Lights (Christmas version)

With 13 million balls of light, Huis Ten Bosch’s Kingdom of Lights is one of Japan’s largest light displays, winning first place in the International Illumination Awards! The Aurora Garden of Light and Umbrella Street combine lights with projection mapping. Fantasia City of Light’s dome changes color with music during the Fantasia of Lights.

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How can I get to Huis Ten Bosch? 

Huis Ten Bosch is a two-hour drive from Fukuoka Airport (Hakata). By bus, it’s nearly two hours from Fukuoka Airport, 50 minutes from Nagasaki Airport, and 75 minutes from Nagasaki City. By train, it’s 90 minutes from Nagasaki City to Huis Ten Bosch Station and almost two hours by subway from Fukuoka Airport. Finally, by jet ferry, it’s 50 minutes from Nagasaki Airport.

Christmas fireworks bleachers start at 1,000 yen ($7 USD). The fireworks cruise starts at 9,000 yen ($70 USD), up to 21,000 for the fireworks dinner cruise. The fisherman fireworks cruise costs 35,000 yen ($250 USD) for a 12-person boat and 20,000 for a six-person vessel.

Huis Ten Bosch Kingdom of Lights!
These amazing lights make this holiday beautiful. Image via Shutterstock

The park offers one-day tickets (7,000 yen) ($50 USD), reduced after 3 pm (5,000) ($35 USD); 1.5-day tickets, starting at 3 pm on the first day (9,900) ($70 USD) ; and two-day tickets (12,200). ($90 USD)An annual pass costs 22,000 yen ($130 USD). Children under three have free admission. Huis Ten Bosch is open Mondays to Thursdays from 9 am to 9 pm and Fridays to Sundays from 9 am to 10 pm (though hours will change for Christmas). The park will be closed from January 9th to the 12th.

Why should I go to Huis Ten Bosch? 

With so many winter destinations, why should you go to Huis Ten Bosch? One reason is its authentic design. Huis Ten Bosch takes its Dutch influences seriously with its accurate replicas. Christmas Town does a fantastic job of bringing a Dutch Christmas village to life.

A ferris wheel at the Huis Ten Bosch.
Would you ever go to Huis Ten Bosch? Image via Shutterstock

They also have spectacular decorations. From seasonal flowers and decor to light displays and projection mapping, you can count on stunning sights at all hours of the day, especially during the holidays.

Not to mention, they also have many activities to enjoy! VR games, museums, performances: this park has it all. You can make your stay as fast-paced or relaxing as you want. We recommend spending a few days here so you can experience everything the park has to offer! With both Dutch architecture and contemporary technology, Huis Ten Bosch is worth visiting if you’re in Japan this winter. Have you spent Christmas at Huis Ten Bosch before? Leave a comment below.

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