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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogThe Indoor Amusement Park in Japan: Best Six!

The Indoor Amusement Park in Japan: Best Six!

Linh LeLinh Le
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December 29, 2022
A snapshot of an illuminated indoor amusement park. The light's colors are red, white and blue.

Japan is home to countless entertainment options that can satisfy the needs of everyone: from nature lovers to adventurers. If you visit Japan, don’t forget to spend time at an amusement park! 

The Indoor Amusement Park in Japan

Have you ever been to an indoor amusement park in Japan before? They’re usually in easy-to-access locations and have a variety of attractions that people can enjoy any time of the year, regardless of the weather. Note down these indoor amusement parks we’ll guide you through in this article for your next trip to Japan!

Tokyo Joypolis 

In Odaiba, Tokyo Joypolis is the largest indoor amusement park in Japan. It is an excellent place to visit if you are looking for a mixed entertainment spot where anyone from family, couples, and friends can have fun all day long. Tokyo Joypolis is well known for its 360-degree rotating roller coasters and 4D virtual reality games. 

An interior shot of the open lobby of Tokyo Joypolis, an indoor amusement park
Tokyo Joypolis is down in Odaiba! Image via Shutterstock

There are regular collaborations with famous anime characters and artists so that children will have fun here. Re-entry is also possible, so shopping and having lunch at the “Decks Tokyo Beach” commercial facility is a must! You can relax and enjoy good food in the restaurant and lounge while enjoying the scenery of Odaiba from above. 

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo

Like Tokyo Joypolis, LEGOLAND is inside the Decks Tokyo Beach on the third floor, so you can consider dropping by on your visit to Odaiba. As its name refers, this is the world of LEGO that is full of Lego blocks, making it a colorful and imaginative experience-based facility for young kids. 

Many attractions are perfect for children and adults alike, such as a diorama reproducing Tokyo’s streets, a Lego factory, and a 4D theater. There is also a LEGO goods shop where any LEGO® fans must stop at the end. 

Although it is said to be a place for children, on the 5th of each month, there will be an “Adult LEGO Night” that only adults can enter. All the grown-ups can have fun going on rides, challenge their Lego-building skills with experts and see the Tokyo cityscape made of Lego bricks. 

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Sanrio Puroland: A cute indoor amusement park in Japan

If you love Japanese kawaii culture or admire Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Gudetama, and My Melody, Sanrio Puroland is a must-visit theme park. Opened in 1990, Sanrio Puroland is Japan’s first indoor theme park that will take you to a different world as soon as you step inside. 

An interior shot of Sanrio Puroland, a famous indoor amusement park in Japan.
Sanrio Puroland is the only place to meet your favorite mascots in person! Image via Shutterstock

You can enjoy many attractions, full-fledged shows, and Sanrio Puroland’s largest entertainment parade: ARIGATO, EVERYONE! There are also restaurants where you can enjoy original characters’ menus and shops with cute and authoritative items available only in Sanrio Puroland.

REEAST ROOM: Artsy indoor amusement park in Japan 

Have you wanted to break things, write graffiti all over the wall or throw axes without worrying about causing trouble to others? If you do, then REEAST ROOM is perfect for you! It’s Tokyo’s first leisure facility where you can have fun doing things you usually shouldn’t do. 

The inside of REEAST, an entertainment center that has a lot of graffiti.
REEAST is in Ikebukuro, and you can smash all the items you want while you’re there! Image via Live Japan

It is best for people who want to move their bodies dynamically, even on rainy days. Children can participate if accompanied by parents. Being a unique and new type of amusement, REEAST ROOM is very busy during the weekends, so you should make a reservation in advance!

Tokyo Mystery Circus 

It is Japan’s largest mystery-solving theme park created by SCRAP, which is famous for real escape games. You can experience various games depending on the period, so check the official website out!

The first basement floor of Hitsukichi Lab (large hall) is an area where you can experience a real escape game. Mystery Square’s first floor has a ticket counter, cafe, and space for goods. This area is also home to the Tokyo Mystery Circus original escape game. 

The Real Investigation Space/Real Escape Box on the second floor has two types of games. The first game is where you can become a detective throughout the town. Meanwhile, in the other game, you can easily participate in a small group of people quickly. 

On the third floor: Real Infiltration Space, you become a real spy and complete the mission within the time limit. The fourth floor PTG Room / Himitsukichi Lab (small hall) consists of two sections. The first is for playing projection table games, and the other is for experimental events.

Little Planet

The indoor playground “Little Planet” is where children can be active and have engaging experiences! Many devices tickle the curiosity of adults and children. You don’t want to miss this indoor amusement park in Japan!

A bunch of people in a dark room with various lights and designs. This is Little Planet, an indoor amusement park in Tokyo.
Little Planet allows you to create your own world with augmented reality! Image via Ikoyo

There are plenty of attractions for the whole family to enjoy together! Popular ones include “Zaboom,” a ball pool with light and sound, a sand play, and a paper sumo wrestling game.

Have you ever been to any of these indoor amusement parks in Japan before? If yes, share the experience with us in the comment below! Let us know which one you want to visit on your next trip to Japan!

Japan has many amusement parks for everyone, regardless of the weather. Check this out to see some of Japan’s best indoor amusement parks!

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