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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogInteresting Facts About the Lucky Sakura!

Interesting Facts About the Lucky Sakura!

Bianca BacheBianca Bache
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January 28, 2023

When you think of Japan, it is often associated with cherry blossoms, also referred to as sakura. Sakura has been a symbol of Japan for hundreds of years, first showing up in paintings, postcards, and poetry. 

As the years have changed and Japan has progressed, the sakura tree remains a significant symbol in movies, games, and anime! Beyond the beauty and its iconic stature, what is behind the interesting lucky sakura? Keep on reading to find out! 

Sakura history 

The delicate pink and white flowers have a rich history and cultural significance in Japan. Contrary to popular belief, sakura is not native to Japan but actually originated in China.

By the 12th century, a Japanese nobleman who had visited China introduced the sakura species to Japan. Today, sakura can be found in many other parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

mother and child looking at a blooming lucky sakura blossom
Sakura trees and petals are thought to bring luck and prosperity. Image via Shutterstock

Although cherry blossoms appear worldwide, their representations of them are truly unique to Japan. It is thought that the blooming sakura represents the fragility of life.

It’s said that people should live their lives in the same way as sakura petals fall – beautifully and quickly. Sakura flowers are also considered a way to remember one’s ancestors. Which has led to many folktales and stories associated with them. 

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Things you didn’t know about sakura

Cherry blossoms haven’t always been seen as just beauty but were used as a symbol in warfare. In World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army used the cherry blossom to symbolize the sacrifice of soldiers who died in battle. The flowers were also used to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers as a means of respect. 

Sakura also has a long history of being used in traditional Japanese medicine. The cherry blossom tree’s flowers, leaves, and bark have been used for centuries to treat various ailments, including fever, headaches, and cancer! Although in the present day, sakura has fallen to the side in modern medicine, it is still seen as a symbol of alignment assistance. 

Full bloom of lucky Sakura - Cherry Blossom at a park in Japan
The two best ways to enjoy sakura is going for a stroll and having a picnic! Image via Shutterstock

Did you know…

One of the most unusual facts about sakura is that they are not actually pink or white – they are transparent! The pink and white colors are created by the reflection of light on the petals, which are made up of very thin layers of cellulose.

Lucky sakura?

One of the most fascinating aspects of sakura is the belief that they bring good luck. So, why is the sakura tree believed to be lucky? One reason is that the sakura tree is closely associated with the coming of spring, which is a time of renewal and new beginnings.

The blooming of the cherry blossom trees is often considered a sign of good luck and prosperity. Notably, the delicate and fragile nature of the flowers reminds us to appreciate life’s beauty and cherish the present moment.

View of sakura (cherry blossoms) with a newlywed couple in the background, the bride in pure white kimono sitting next to the groom, in front of the red gate in Kyoto
Sakura is a symbol of love and happiness and is thought to bring good luck to newlyweds. Image via Shutterstock

Sakura has also been associated with love and happiness in Japan for hundreds of years. The cherry blossom flowers are often used in traditional Japanese weddings and are thought to bring good luck and happiness to newlyweds.

Because of the beauty and elegance of the sakura, they are thought to inspire feelings of love and joy. This makes the beautiful florals a symbol of good luck in relationships!

The lucky sakura viewing party! 

In some legends, it is said that viewing a sakura tree brings prosperity, longevity, and happiness. Because of the blossoming flowers across Japan hanami parties are held when the blossoms start to peak through.

This leads to an excited flurry. Hanami is a Japanese tradition of viewing and enjoying the cherry blossoms by hosting picnics or going for a light stroll with friends, family, and co-workers. 

groups of people enjoying spring cherry blossoms at the Hanami Festival at night
Special hanami festivals are held in Japan to celebrate the sakura season. Image via Shutterstock

These types of activities are great bonding experiences. Some believe that the lucky sakura is a cherry blossom tree that can grant wishes. It is said that if you make a wish in front of a sakura tree, your wish is sure to come true! 

In Japan, Sakura trees and sakura petals are a highlight for many; while it is a short season, many people plan for months in anticipation. The change of the season means the coming of spring, renewal, new beginnings, love, and happiness!

So, what better way to enjoy the feelings of joy and love than taking part in sakura fun! Wish upon the lucky sakura tree and add some luckiness to your life!

What are some interesting facts about sakura you know? Let us know in the comments below! 

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