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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogWe Try The Mister Donut Japan Exclusive Pokemon Donuts!

We Try The Mister Donut Japan Exclusive Pokemon Donuts!

Marie MooreMarie Moore
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December 03, 2018
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June 21, 2022

Early last month, Mister Donut Japan announced that it would be doing a special Christmas collaboration with Pokemon in celebration of Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu on the Nintendo Switch! With all the amazing Eevee goodies like these Eevee Tamagotchi announced last month, Pokemon is really going all out with their collaborations! And fans are digging it with one guy spending over $1600 on Pokemon plushies!

With all the buzz surrounding Pokemon lately, you'd think Mister Donut would be ready and prepared for the swarms of Japanese candy loving Pokemon fans wanting to get their hands on the special goodies right? So when these Pokedonuts were released on November 16th we headed over to our local Mister Donut to get our grubby mittens on them… but wait… they were already SOLD OUT?! Both the donuts and the special mugs you could get as part of a set had sold out in less than a few hours… but luckily for us they were accepting pre-orders for those unlucky fans like us who didn't manage to get there on time! So on December 1st we once again skipped along to our local Mister Donut in order to pick up our pre-ordered set.

As you can see, the box itself was super cute with Pikachu on one side and Eevee on the other, the stars of the new Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu.

And here's the donuts! The Pikachu and Pokeball on top are part of the collaboration (obviously), whereas the two on the bottom are from their Christmas range, as the set allowed you to choose two Pokemon donuts and two Christmas donuts.

Despite the slight PR disaster with the Pikachu donuts being super cursed looking and creepy before the official release, they managed to quality control the cuteness of the Pikachu donut upon release and we can safely say our Pikachu donut looked pretty darn cute! The donut itself is supposed to be banana flavoured and that it is, it has that typical artificial banana flavour which is great if you love banana candy! And isn't too much of an overwhelming banana taste if you're not a fan of bananas like us!

As for the Pokeball donut, it was supposedly meant to have a strawberry taste from the icing but we didn't pick up on it at all! So it was just a plain donut really which isn't so bad if you prefer simpler flavours. Considering it was supposed to be a collaboration in celebration of Pikachu AND Eevee though, we're surprised the second donut was a Pokeball and not the cute cat-fox-like Eevee.

Now for the mug which was the part we were most excited for! There was two designs to choose from and we chose the Pokemon Party version featuring Pikachu, Eevee and the original starter Pokemon along with donuts, presents and a Christmas tree! The design really is super cute!

Though we were surprised at how small the mug actually is! We took a comparison photo with our hand… but we also have small child sized hands so it's kind of difficult to grasp the actual size…

This Mister Donut collaboration is due to run until December 25th but because of how popular they've been most of the Mister Donut stores are pre-order only now even if you're just wanting to try the one and not buy the whole mug set! So make sure you check with your local store in Japan if you're planning on getting some.

The Pokemon donuts individually are 200 yen, and the take away set we chose is 1080 yen which includes the Pikachu and Pokeball donuts, two christmas donuts, the takeaway pokeball box and the special mug!

What do you think of this Japanese snack collaboration? Would you like to try these Pokemon donuts or were you lucky enough to have done so already? Let us know in the comments!

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