Japanese Kit Kats Dreamy Ruby Chocolate!

06 February 2018 by Nic

Japanese snacks are filled with tons of flavor varieties, like the fan favorite sakura flavor, and they are also often styled so amazingly well that they come out like works of art. However, this time, this Japanese candy is taking it up a notch by being the first in the world to use an ingredient called ruby cocoa. This new Japanese Kit Kat, Sublime Ruby, is an amazing little masterpiece! It is a completely new fourth type of chocolate, alongside the widely known milk, dark, and white chocolates! On top of all this, Kit Kat Japan has exclusive rights to this chocolate for the next few months!

Intrigued by this new concoction, we here at TokyoTreat couldn't let the chance to try this Japanese treat slip out of our grasp! So, when we heard that the Kit Kat Chocolatory in Ginza had a Sublime Ruby Kit Kat & hot cocoa set for sale, we grabbed our coats and dashed to this heavenly pink Kit Kat cafe!

When we stepped through the door, we were met with a gorgeous display of all the various Sublime Ruby packages! It definitely exuded a sense of pride and elegance that can be expected of a world's first Japanese candy! After we finished taking in this glorious sight, we headed upstairs to where the delicious Sublime Ruby Kit Kat awaited!

As we took a seat and took in all the pink interior surrounding us, we ordered our Sublime Ruby Kit Kat sets. Once it arrived, we marveled at the unique color and slight fruity fragrance. Ruby chocolate is naturally pink and fruit flavored. When we took our first bite, raspberry was the first fruit that came to mind. The kit kat was so good that it disappeared before we even realized it! However, the hot cocoa was so rich, thick, and chocolatey that we had to take our time to savor every last drop!

On our way out, we couldn't resist taking one last photo of the Sublime Ruby in all its glory. Pretty in pink for sure!

Interested and dying to know more? Check out out quick video about the Kit Kat Chocolatory below!

This Sublime Ruby chocolate was quite an experience! Let us know in the comments below if you hope to try this chocolate flavor in the future! Who knows, maybe one day we can find a way to put this into your Japanese candy box!

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