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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogJapanese Potato Temptations: Dive into the World of Irresistible Snacks!

Japanese Potato Temptations: Dive into the World of Irresistible Snacks!

Thuy FangThuy Fang
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May 31, 2023
A plate of Japanese potato fries with mayonnaise.

From traditional to modern, Japanese potato snacks always satisfy snack lovers worldwide! They’re crunchy, savory, and have mass appeal! Here are five popular Japanese potato snacks you can enjoy!

Potato Chips

Potato chips are a popular snack in Japan that you can easily find anywhere, such as in supermarkets, konbini (convenience stores), or even vending machines. This snack has a variety of flavors, textures, and brands.

A plate of potato chips.
Potato chips come in all shapes and sizes in Japan. Image via Shutterstock

You can try chips with seaweed, Ume (Japanese plum), or wasabi potato chips if you love traditional Japanese flavors. And if you love sweetness, honey butter, and chocolate potato chips are snacks worth trying. In addition, the essential flavors of Japanese potato chips, such as sea salt, pizza, or BBQ, will certainly not disappoint you.

Some famous Japanese potato chip manufacturers include Calbee, Koikeya, and Yamayoshi. Additionally, Japanese people love the Chip Star brand for its potato chip product, which comes in the iconic long cylindrical paper box.


Jyagariko is a successful product of the world-renowned snack giant – Calbee. The funny mascot that continually appears on the packaging of this product is Kirin (giraffe).

This snack consists of thin, crunchy potato sticks. Unlike regular potato chips processed from fresh potato slices, Jyagariko sticks are made from mashed potatoes. Afterward, they are seasoned and dried.

A package of Jagariko against a blue background.
Jagariko comes in all flavors! Image via Shutterstock

There are various tasty Jyagariko flavors that you can try, such as Hokkaido butter, salad, cheese, seaweed, and Japanese cod roe butter. Furthermore, Calbee also provides us with seasonal, limited-edition Jyagariko flavors.

Unique flavors include roasted sweet potato, honey fried chicken, fried gyoza (dumpling), and Korean kimchi. Especially when traveling to Osaka – the land of takoyaki (octopus balls), you’ll quickly find takoyaki-flavored Jyagariko that is only available here. 

This potato snack has two convenient packaging forms: a zip bag and a small cylindrical box. They are both portable to carry to fight hunger wherever you go. 

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Satsumaimo Karinto

Satsumaimo karinto, a popular sweet snack in Japan, resembles french fries coated in sugar and offers a delightful treat. These crispy sticks can be found nationwide, providing a deliciously sweet taste with their sugar coating.

A plate of thin, sweet potato snacks on a black plate.
Sweet potato snacks are very subtle and delicious. Image via Shutterstock

As you enjoy this snack, you’ll experience the increasing sweetness and aromatic flavors of the dried sweet potato sticks. Varieties of karinto include those with white or black sesame coatings. Although the texture may be firmer than regular potato chips, many elderly Japanese individuals cherish this traditional snack.


Daigakuimo is little chunks of sweet potato that is deep fried, caramelized, then sprinkled with black sesame. When translated into English, Daigakuimo means “university sweet potato.” There are many theories as to the origin of the unique name.

A plate of daigakuimo a type of sweetened Japanese potato snacks on a plate.
“Daigakuimo” means university sweet potato. Image via Shutterstock

One is the beginning of a sweet potato shop called ‘Mikawaya’ near Tokyo University during the early Taisho era. This cozy spot gained popularity among university students for its mouthwatering honey-coated potatoes, which quickly became a favorite treat of many people. 

Apart from being a familiar Japanese potato snack, Daigakuimo is a light dessert often appearing at traditional parties. Japanese people have recently been favoring the enjoyment of Daigakuimo with ice cream or whipped cream, which has sparked significant interest among Japanese children.


Imomochi is a specialty snack of the snowiest region in Japan – Hokkaido! Besides Hokkaido, you can also find delicious Imomochi in Gifu, Kochi, and Wakayama prefectures. However, each region puts its distinctive twist on the cakes by using different types of potatoes and applying unique cooking methods.

A plate of cheese-filled imomochi, a chewy Japanese potato snack.
Imomochi originally came from Hokkaido! Image via Shutterstock

These potato rice cakes are unexceptionally crispy on the outside and soft with a little sticky on the inside. A thin layer of shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) is usually spread on top of imomochi. This creates the umami taste for this comfort food. Imomochi filled with melted cheese or tare (sweet sauce) is increasingly popular in Japan. 

You can enjoy imomochi in Japan at an izakaya (traditional-style pub). Moreover, you can find them at the ready-to-eat counter in supermarkets or konbini. 

In short, Japanese potato snacks offer a wide range of delicious options for snack lovers. From flavorful potato chips to sweet potato treats, there’s something to please every taste. Remember to share your favorite potato snacks with us in the comments below!

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