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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogJapanese Snacks From The Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe!

Japanese Snacks From The Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe!

Nic ThibodeauNic Thibodeau
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May 05, 2018
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June 21, 2022

Japan has so many awesome cafes that feature Japanese candy and Japanese snacks themed after popular characters, like the recent Gudetama Cafe, and animes, like Doraemon, all throughout Japan. They often are limited time events that many fans of the particular series enjoy going to and spending a meal with their favorite characters. This spring, from April to July, a special Cardcaptor Sakura cafe opened up near Tokyo Skytree. It has a large variety of anime swag, but being a cafe and all it also has tons of delicious yums available. Let's check out some of those!

This here is a super cute takoyaki set. Takoyaki is fried balls of dough with bits of octopus and a savory sauce drizzled on top. This is paired with some fresh fruits and a cute pancake! We wish this pancake had a more portable Japanese snack version so we could slide that into our Japanese candy box!

This next plate is a fruity, refreshing plate of various fruits, like mango and kiwi, topped with pudding, whipped cream, and another super kawaii pancake! What is also awesome is that you can keep the plate! A yummy meal plus a souvenir plate? Count us in!

Now this Japanese snack box is fulled with a full meal! This set comes with a boatload of food! It includes mixed sandwiches, fried fish, french fries, fruit, and more! Of course, it also comes with the staple pancake! This is definitely for those looking for a hearty meal.

Finally, you can't have a fun character cafe without fun anime drinks! These are iced coffees with cute Cardcaptor Sakura characters on top. Once you finish the drink, you can even take the glasses home with you! How fun is that?!

Don't Japanese character cafes just sound like a ton of fun? This Cardcaptor Sakura cafe sounds particularly enjoyable though. As we write this up, we wish we could stick every single item into our Japanese snack box and ship it over to you!

Who is your favorite Cardcaptor Sakura character? Let us know in the comments below!

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