Japanese Snacks Get A Sakura Makeover!

25 January 2018 by Nic

While the chill winds may still be blowing outside, and we here at Tokyo Treat huddle inside for warmth while enjoying nice Japanese candy and Japanese snacks after going to visit a local temple, people in Japan are already preparing for the beautiful sakura season! During this time, cherry blossom petals flood the skies and Japan turns pink! Not only does the nature throughout Japan take on a soothing pink hue, but the food does as well! This often happens for other holidays as well. Let's check out some examples of how exactly some Japanese snacks get a sakura makeover!

Inarizushi, a popular sushi snack that involves putting slightly tangy and sweet rice inside a juicy fried tofu pocket, gets a sakura twist by either topping it with sakura petals or inserting them into the rice itself! It is a very natural, elegant way to add a pink touch to a widely eaten Japanese snack!

Red bean buns even get a pink makeover! This version however uses white beans mixed with chopped salted sakura petals to create a soft pink hue naturally. The savory, sweet flavor still stays intact while an aftertaste of the salted sakura petals can be tasted.

Japanese snacks aren't the only foods to get a bit of a change up! Sakura macarons are widely popular as well. Usually, these macarons use a sakura buttercream, which is cream infused with salted sakura petals, or they are topped with a sakura flower for a gorgeous snack!

Lastly, cakes are probably one of the most popular sakura Japanese desserts during this period! These cakes often mixed salted sakura petals into the batter itself for a sakura flavor throughout, or they infuse the icing with sakura essence to ensure a sweet floral flavor can be enjoyed!

Ahhhh, now we are here, stomachs growling, waiting for the sakura season to begin so we can go chow down on these delicate Japanese treats! Let us know in the comments below which of these you would love to try!

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