Japanese octopus ball with rice? NEW: Takoyaki onigiri!!

27 November 2018 by Jojo

We already know that Japanese konbini's sell a wide variety of onigiri riceballs that are super popular with anyone who's in for a quick snack. Once in a while, interesting and somewhat crazy flavors are released! Now, you can get the most delicious combination: The Osaka-originated Takoyaki octopus ball as onigiri. Can it get any better? (psst! For those who don't know what Takoyaki is, check out this blog post!)

Takoyaki are full of flavor: savory batter balls, chewy octopus and topped with flavorful takoyaki sauce (similar to Worcestershire sauce), mayonnaise and fish flakes.

Onigiri are quite neutral in flavor and can easily be combined with almost anything which makes them such popular snacks! Especially for those who are always in a hurry, the takoyaki riceball is the perfect snack for on the go. Regular Takoyaki require you to sit down and take a while to cool down (unless you're impatient and burn your mouth every time like I do!)

So where can you get this amazing treat? Convenience store Lawson has released the Takoyaki onigiri this November! it costs only 148yen or $1.30, what a steal!

And this is what the onigiri looks like!

Onigiri's are eaten both cold or hot depending on the type, the takoyaki onigiri definitely tastes better after heating it up in the microwave! How delicious!


Do you love takoyaki and do you want to give this special onigiri a try? How do you feel about this combination? Let us know in the comments below!

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