Vegans are going crazy for this Japanese Vegan Cup Ramen

27 May 2019 by Sabrina

Who doesn't like a tasty cup noodle? How can you not? If you want a quick, yummy lunch or snack simply add some hot water and tada! Your ramen is ready. Japan is famous for being one of the best places to buy cup ramen, with many tourists buying it as a souvenir. They have various flavours and types that you can find anywhere besides Japan… not to mention regional specialties and flavours! DId you know that most Japanese cup noodles you can buy in your country have probably been adjusted to the local taste? So if you want the authentic cup noodles you have to buy it in Japan or for something more convenient, buy it from Japan Haul ♥(ノ´∀`)

Most people know about the delicious miso and tonkatsu ramen featuring slices of meat and meat-based broth, but vegetarian options don't really come to mind. Previously vegans that loved ramen probably felt miserable because they can't eat the majority of ramen due to the ingredients that aren't vegan-friendly, but no more! You can now find cup ramen that's Vegan-friendly, and everybody can happily slurp on some noodle goodness!

1. T's Restaurant Tan Tan Men

The first one is from T’s Restaurant. They thought about Tokyo’s health issue, wanting to provide good food to make people's lives and bodies healthier. They released a line of vegan-friendly instant ramen, available at Natural Lawson and now they're famous for their vegan ramen.

2. Nissin Very Veggie Cup Noodles

The second one is from the Japanese big cup noodle company called Nissin Cup Noodles. You may have heard of them as sometimes their noodles appear outside of Japan too! They recently released a new series of cup noodles that are vegan-friendly with 4 different flavours featuring chicken or spicy chicken flavour, soy sauce flavour, and beef flavour.

I think most vegans will choose the soy sauce flavour but for the flexitarians and people who just want to get more vegetables in their diets, you can simply choose the chicken and beef one. With these options vegans don't have to worry to find a simple dish to eat or when you really craving for eating cup ramen. It might be only a few choices right now, but it's hopefully a trend that will keep growing!

So are you ready, all you vegans out there? Go grab a cup and happily eat some noodles to your heart's content! Please let us know if you know of any other cup ramen that's vegan-friendly, more variety can never be a bad thing! Put a comment below if you want to know about any other types of cup ramen we can talk about! 🍜🍜

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