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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogKakigori Café and More: Five Unique Bars in Tokyo!

Kakigori Café and More: Five Unique Bars in Tokyo!

James LauJames Lau
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April 25, 2024
A person pouring liquor at a unique bar that might serve kakigori.

Discover Tokyo’s bar scene with these five unique bars! From innovative kakigori creations to budget-friendly cocktails, there’s something for every palate and budget! Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or seeking inventive cocktails, Tokyo’s bar scene offers unforgettable flavors and experiences!

Kakigori Café & Bar Yelo

Located in Roppongi, Tokyo, Yelo is a kakigori cafe and bar offering a unique twist on Japanese shaved ice. Yelo serves kakigori throughout the year, attracting crowds with its flavors and toppings. Their signature “Tiramisu” kakigori, topped with cocoa powder and mascarpone sauce, is a favorite! Yelo’s preparation process involves freezing the ice for 48 hours and applying milk sauce and syrups multiple times while shaving the ice.

A large bowl of chocolate kakigori at Kakigori Cafe & Bar Yelo.
You can enjoy some alcoholic kakigori here! Image via Mog Mog

Yelo’s creations, such as the “Mango Milk” topped with Mascarpone Whipped Cream, offer a blend of flavors. In addition to traditional toppings like shiratama mochi, Yelo also offers alcoholic kakigori options, such as the “Rum Raisin,” providing a unique twist for those looking to enjoy a mature flavor. With a menu featuring classic and creative flavors and alcohol-infused options, Yelo is a popular late-night destination for dessert enthusiasts!

Ginza 300 Bar

In Ginza is the 300 Bar, a budget-friendly bar that has been a local favorite since 1992. Located between Shinbashi and Ginza stations, the bar has all drinks and food priced at just ¥300. Despite the low prices, patrons enjoy high-quality cocktails, beer, wine, and classic pub food. The bar operates on a ticket system where guests purchase tickets at the entrance. These tickets never expire and can be used at other 300 Bar stores.

A bartender at Ginza 300 Bar.
All the drinks here cost 300 yen! Image via Gaijin Pot

With its friendly atmosphere and menu featuring over 150 cocktails, 300 Bar attracts a diverse crowd. The bar’s convenient location and late-night hours make it a popular spot for both pre-club drinks and post-dinner gatherings. Whether seeking a lively weekend atmosphere or a relaxed weekday vibe, 300 Bar provides an affordable and enjoyable drinking experience in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza district.

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Good Beer Faucets

Found in Shibuya, Goodbeer Faucets is a must-visit destination for craft beer enthusiasts. With over 40 beers on tap, including Japanese, American, and European brews, this bar offers a large selection of high-quality drafts. Their state-of-the-art tap system ensures that every pint is served in perfect condition. The menu features delicious food, including oversized french fries, karaage chicken, and smoked edamame at affordable prices.

A bar at Good Beer Faucets.
There’s a lot of craft beers for you to enjoy here! Image via Facebook

Good Beer Faucets provides a welcoming atmosphere for locals and travelers, with bartenders ready to guide guests through their beer choices. From classics to unique brews like the double stout with Serrano chilis, there’s something for everyone! With English-speaking staff to ensure a smooth experience for non-Japanese speakers, Goodbeer Faucets promises a fun drinking experience in the heart of Tokyo!

Flying Bumblebee

Hidden in a basement along a quiet street in Daikanyama, Flying Bumblebee is a cocktail bar known for its intimate atmosphere and inventive drinks. Owned by bartender Ai Igarashi, the bar features an open-plan layout with a central island bar, creating a setting where patrons can interact with the bartender and fellow guests.

The dimly-lit bar at Flying Bumblebee.
This cozy bar is in Daikanyama. Image via Timeout Tokyo

The minimalist approach extends to the drink menu, offering a selection of standard and seasonal cocktails, including classics like the negroni and creative drinks like the Financier Cocktail. With its sleek design, Flying Bumblebee offers a classy, laid-back experience in the Daikanyama neighborhood. The bar’s use of Japanese amaro and Hinoki whisky adds a unique touch, making it a must-go for cocktail lovers in Tokyo’s bar scene.

Bar Libre

Bar Libre, found in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district, offers a unique blend of sophistication and innovation in its cocktail experience. The bar’s interior radiates elegance with dark woods and plush seating. Led by experienced bartenders, the bar has a diverse menu of classic and inventive cocktails, incorporating seasonal ingredients and cutting-edge techniques like liquid nitrogen.

A bartender surrounded by thick ice vapor at Bar Libre in Ikebukuro.
Bar Libre has some of the most unique cocktails in the city! Image via Cocktailber

Their menu complements their beverages, showcasing traditional Japanese flavors and global influences. From classic cocktails to inventive signature drinks like the Fake White and Japanese Espresso Martini, Bar Libre’s menu caters to diverse tastes. At the same time, its relaxed ambiance and staff ensure a personalized night out. With its commitment to Japanese hospitality, Bar Libre promises an evening of refined taste and elegance in Tokyo.

Why should I visit places like Kakigori Cafe & Bar Yelo?

These places offer unique twists on familiar treats, making them perfect for exploring new flavors with friends. Whether craving budget-friendly options or inventive creations, these cafes promise unforgettable experiences. Each visit is a chance to make memories, from sipping cocktails to indulging in desserts!

A bar in Tokyo.
Have you ever been to a unique bar in Tokyo before? Image via Shutterstock

So, why wait? Dive into Tokyo’s culinary scene and uncover the delights waiting for you at places like the Kakigori Cafe! Have you ever been to any of these bars? Which one do you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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