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March Events in Japan You Should Check Out!

Karina IkedoKarina Ikedo
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February 14, 2024
A bunch of Hinamatsuri dolls at one of many March events.

Wherever you are in the country, there will be something exciting to see and make your March unforgettable! From fabulous parades and uniquely designed floats to spectacular fireworks and dances. Here are the best March events to check out this year!

Katsuura Big Hinamatsuri (February 23-March 4)

It is one of Japan’s biggest Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day) events. The Katsuura Big Hinamatsuri sees around 4,000 traditional Japanese dolls set up around Katsuura City from February 23rd until March 4th). Hina dolls welcome visitors from the stone steps of Tomisaki Shrine and the special hinadan (doll alter) of Kakuoji Temple. 

The Katsuura Chiba Matsuri.
This event has one of the largest doll collections ever! Image via Timeout

The Big Hina Festival has been held in Katsuura City since 2001 by affiliates of the National Katsuura Network. All 1,800 Hina dolls at the Tomisaki Shrine are set up every morning and put away at night. Each store in the shopping district is also decorated ingeniously with Hina dolls throughout the event period. That’s what Hina Matsuri is all about!

Tokyo Boat Race at Edogawa Stadium (February 23-March 3)

There are three main boat-race stadiums in Edogawa, Heiwajima, and Tamagawa. Six powerboats make three laps around a 600-meter course, racing to finish first. The boats are color-coded and numbered from one to six. 

The Tokyo Boat Race.
This is one of the largest boat events in a year. Image via Japan Times

Instead of a standing start, boats will do warm-up laps 100 seconds before the race starts. They then cross the starting line between zero and one second before the 100 seconds are up. If they are too fast, they’re out; if they are too slow, they’re also out. After that, whoever finishes first wins. 

A betting card can cost as little as ¥100 ($0.67) and be bought using a vending machine. Odds are displayed inside the stadium, as well as on the website. See if you’ve won from the big screen in the stadium, and collect your payout. If you’re lucky, at the vending machines.

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Holi Mela in Tokyo (early March)

Away from home, a group of volunteers of the Holi Mela Committee hosts the festival of colors in Nishi-Kasai. Holi is one of the important festivals in the Hindu calendar. It is popularly known as a festival of colors and it’s a major publicly celebrated festival. This year, Holi is celebrated on March 8. 

A woman covered in colored powder at the Holi Mela Tokyo festival.
Holi is a spring Hindu festival, originally from India. Image via Arigato Travel

Celebrants also welcome the beginning of spring with bonfires and smearing different colors on their bodies. Moreover, each color represents a meaning: red symbolizes love and fertility, yellow represents auspiciousness, and green is for new beginnings. Colors will be available at the site, so turn up in white and be prepared to get colorful!

Rikugien Garden: A Mystical Weeping Cherry (late March)

Rikugien Gardens, apart from being an Edo-era formal garden, is home to some of the city’s most beautiful night illuminations. This park will host its beloved event again this year when the park illuminates its cherry blossoms. It’s a unique opportunity to enter the gardens at night. Not to mention, the park beautifully lights up its weeping cherry trees, an island, a pavilion, and a pond.

The Rikugien Garden Cherry Blossom Festival, one of many March events.
Rikugien Gardens is one of the best gardens in the city. Image via Shutterstock

The event highlights the giant weeping sakura (cherry blossom) trees. The iconic trees are brightly lit by spring sunlight during the day. The cherry blossom flowers at night illumination are breathtaking. Its giant cherry trees will be lit up from March 23 to 29 in the evening. The park will stay open until 9 pm to make the most of the season.

The teahouse will be open, and fun snacks, such as mochi (Japanese rice cake) on a stick with a face, will be sold. Grab your jacket and traveling companion, or just yourself if you’re a solo adventurer. And sit in the presence of age and grace!

Tokyo Tower 333 Carp Streamers (late March-early May)

In honor of Children’s Day, Tokyo Tower is decorated with 333 koinobori (carp-shaped windsock streamers) of different sizes and colors. The number of carp streamers is based on Tokyo Tower’s height of 333 meters. You can see the decorations at the main entrance of Tokyo Tower on the first floor.

The Tokyo Tower 333 Carp Streamers festival, one of many March events.

The colorful Children’s Day koinobori carp streamers are an annual sight at Tokyo Tower, and this year, you can see them at the main entrance until May 7. Sesame Street is joining the fun this year, with 40 of the 333 koinobori themed on the American kids’ show. Watch for the notable Sesame Street streamers featuring Elmo, Cookie Monster, Julia, and Big Bird.

Why should I check out these March events?

To sum up, Japan is full of energetic modern city life and unique, long-standing traditions. If you’re visiting Japan, don’t miss any local festivals. There are many events and activities in March 2024 to experience Japan’s vibrant culture.

Moreover, it promises to be an exciting time for locals and visitors in Japan, with various events celebrating spring’s arrival. Do you have plans to attend any March events in Japan? Let us know about some of your favorite events in March in the comments below!

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