Why Are Mint Japanese Snacks Everywhere In Japan?

12 July 2018 by Nic

Summer time means ice cream, humid weather, unique Japanese drinks, and cicadas in Japan. It is so hot outside that that the moment you step out the door, you're already sweating like you just went swimming! So it is no surprise that many people love to gather up delicious Japanese snacks and relax while watching some awesome shows. One of the most recent flavors exploding in popularity is chocolate mint! Chocolate mint Japanese candy and snacks can be found throughout Tokyo and Japan, but one convenient store known as FamilyMart decided to open up a whole Chocolate Mint Corner in their stores!

We were curious about what these corners contained so we went to check it out and were genuinely surprised by the variety and quality of the snacks! There were baked goods, candies, snacks, drinks, and even Japanese ice cream! A few of the items were even ones we had considered adding to your Japanese subscription box, so you know that they are going to be high-quality, tasty goods!

One of our favorite snacks that we came upon was this Japanese sweet! This cream puff is a scrumptious pastry that is dipped in a chocolate coating and filled with chocolate mint cream! We were really surprised to see this available since we never really considered this as an easily accessible treat to take on the go! What is also awesome is that you can eat this snack at room temperature or you can go chill it a bit for a refreshing, cooling treat! There was also a minty devil chocolate cake available for purchase too!

After snacking on all of these baked goods and treats, you might want a drink. So, why not grab one of these cool choco mint drinks! This drink is specifically made to provide a satisfying cooling sensation while enjoying the rich mint flavor! Japanese drinks are the perfect size, and this was no exception! Once we ate our snacks and downed this drink, we were satisfied but not overly full. However, what we were overflowing with was knowledge! We now know why this Chocolate Mint Corner is so insanely popular. We wish other countries where chocolate mint is a popular flavor would also try to get creative with this awesome summer taste!

Which of the mint snacks caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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