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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogMoko Moko Candy: Toilet Humor with a Sweet Twist!

Moko Moko Candy: Toilet Humor with a Sweet Twist!

Vanessa KosasihVanessa Kosasih
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July 13, 2016
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November 16, 2022
A row of colorful toy toilets, with foaming liquid candy coming out of the top.

Have you heard about the Moko Moko Toilet Candy that will be delivered in your July box?! Even though Japan is known for its eccentric and unique flavors of snacks, this is surely a first even by Japanese standards!


Now while drinking candy from a toilet may seem a little farfetched at first, just hear us out! The comedic appeal is pretty straightforward, but it’s the DIY (do-it-yourself) aspect that gives this candy a little something extra!

Aside from toilet candy being a novelty treat, it’s quite tasty as well! Most flavors center around soft drinks such as cider and cola. You can also operate the toy as if it’s a working toilet!

But even after all this, you still might be asking yourself why toilets? Why not literally any other household item as a punch line?

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What’s The Deal With Toilet Humor in Japan?

While there is no clear origin story of let’s say, the first Japanese person to tell a poop joke, Japanese toilet humor dates all the way back to classical Japanese times. However, with Japan’s everlasting love for physical comedy burning through the ages, toilet humor plays a huge part in it.

On top of this, Japan has toilet kami (Shinto gods) that center heavily around health, well-being and especially agriculture. The most prominent toilet god is Ususama Myo-o, and their official title is the “Destroyer of Defilement”. Pretty hardcore!

A traditional rendering of Ususama-Myoo, the destroyer of defilement.
The toilet god will protect you and keep you healthy! Image via Wikicommons

As you may have guessed, poop ties well into health and one’s well-being, but it especially plays a role in agriculture. In fact, humans used to provide most of the fertilzer in the early days of farming. This actually proved to be more sanitary than in other countries who simply made cesspits, which made an even bigger mess down the line!

The centering of poop in one’s daily life may seem a bit excessive to Western readers, but it just goes to show how comfortable Japan and many other countries are with the concept of the toilet and evrerything that happens in it! Therefore, making a whole joke out of it isn’t a bad thing!

Other common toilet motifs in Japan

On top of the toilet candy, you may have also seen other scatological motifs such as golden poop, a poop professor that teaches kanji (Chinese characters) and there’s even a Poop Museum (also known as the Unko Museum) in Odaiba! But what makes these aspects special?

Well golden poop, at least in Japanese, is a pun. The “un” in “unko” sounds the same as the “un” for “luck”. So having a golden poop toy in your pocket is sure to bring you great fortune!

A 3D golden poop render against a white background.  Don't expect to find this in your Moko Moko Toilet Candy.
Sometimes the worst things can bring you the best luck. Image via Shutterstock

What about the so-called “poop professor”? Well Unko-Sensei is a mascot on a mission to make learning fun for kids! With his perfectly-swirled yellow head, round glasses, and classic mustache, Unko-Sensei merges the scatological with the educational! His books obviously center the topic at hand, but they do so in a way that teaches kids good grammar, and simple math!

A couple of Unko-sensei workbooks. The cover features a character with golden poop for a head with round glasses and a trimmed mustache. It shares the same humor as the Moko Moko Toilet Candy.
You’re gonna learn these kanji, like it or not! Image via Shutterstock

So it’s no surprise that candy and toys would soon join the conga line of Japan’s toilet humor. While mainstays such as Unko-sensei gummies and poop ice cream really take the cake, it’s the toilet candy we’re focusing on today!

Moko Mokolet Toilet DIY Candy

These mini-sized toilets come in couple of different colors and each part has to be assembled (toilet bowl, toilet seat, the tank, tank lid etc). Also in the package are three different flavors – so it’s three times the enjoyment! In addition to the different parts and different flavored sweets, there are stickers you can use to customize your mini-toilet.

From different facial parts to cultural-centric stickers, you can truly create your one-of-a-kind toilet. Once you mix the flavored powder with few drops of water inside the toilet and stir with the little straw, a luscious colored foam slowly forms nearly spilling out of the toilet.

As shown on the package, after finishing the snacks you can use the toilet as a mini-planter, toothpick stand and probably even a little case to hold pins and paperclips.

What do you think about these Moko Moko Mokolet Toilet DIY Candy? Which flavor will you try first? What culture-related stickers did you get? What do you plan to do with your mini-toilet once you finish with your sweets?

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