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Omotesando and More: Top 5 Trendy Places in Tokyo!

Karina IkedoKarina Ikedo
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March 29, 2023
A silhouette of a person standing on the escalator and MIRROR MIRROR Omotesando, in the Kaleidoscopic Mirrored Escalator.

Tokyo is much more than just lively Shibuya and bustling Shinjuku. The trendy neighborhoods around Tokyo, such as Omotesando and others listed here, will take you off the tourist trail and show you a different side of the city. 

The time has come to explore these unique locations surrounded by trendy districts with a laid-back vibe, iconic coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. Keep reading as we outline several locations in Tokyo where you’ll experience the best out of Japan’s trendiest spots!


Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Roppongi, three of Tokyo’s most iconic neon and nightlife hotspots, are surrounded on three sides by the somewhat more upscale neighborhoods of Aoyama and Omotesando.

This is a fancy neighborhood with fine restaurants and boutique shops. The tree-lined avenue of Omotesando, Tokyo’s version of the Champs Élysées, is home to flagship stores of major fashion brands. At the same time, the backstreets of Aoyama are home to smaller boutiques and fantastic dining spots. 

The exterior of the Omotesando Hills building.
Omotesando Hills is a major department store in the area. Image via Shutterstock

Along with several architectural and artistic highlights, the neighborhood has calm, colorful open spaces during certain times of the year, like Meiji Jingu Gaien and Aoyama Cemetery.

To enjoy some of the city’s top dishes is a highlight of any trip to Tokyo. Omotesando allows you to try the hottest dishes in the city’s fast-changing food scene. Moreover, you can choose from many restaurants that provide natural, organic, and vegetarian Japanese food

If you’re feeling motivated to make your meal, there is an organic supermarket called Natural House. They are stocked with nutritious goods that are delicious and healthy.

Two people standing outside the Prada building in Aoyama, which is not too far from Omotesando.
The Prada building in Aoyama is absolutely iconic! Image via Shutterstock

The United Nations University’s weekend farmers market stalls have much seasonal produce and must-try tasty treats. There are also a lot of stylish cafés and coffee shops in Omotesando, which are worth spending an afternoon at.

Omotesandō is architectural eye candy. In particular, strolling around and taking in the scenery is one of the most incredible things to do in the area. The best thing is that you can visit all these structures for free. Talk about a window-shopping paradise!


The iconic neighborhood of Roppongi is located in downtown Tokyo, and it’s buzzing, crazy, trendy, and even artistic. Roppongi is the place for you if you want to go shopping in Roppongi Hills, take in the multicultural vibe, or party all night.

An overpass in Roppongi, with the name "Roppongi" on it.
Roppongi is a lively, international neighborhood. Image via Shutterstock

Roppongi is the perfect place for party animals, young or old, who want to go out late in Tokyo. This is thanks to the area’s many fun pubs and clubs. You also don’t have to worry about language or cultural barriers getting in the way of having a good time because most are foreigner-friendly.

The streets of Roppongi feel like a modern, international vibe during the day. You’ll see a good mix of shoppers and businesspeople when you stroll the streets. 

Tokyo Tower near a street at night time. It is near Roppongi, another trendy neighborhood like Omotesando.
TokyoTreat is visible from Roppongi! Image via Shutterstock

Some places, including Tokyo Midtown and Roppongi Hills, are known as cities within a city. This popular concept of urban development in Japan houses several different buildings. It has everything from shopping malls, entertainment and recreational facilities, offices, restaurants, hotels, and residential space!

You’ll also find the famous Tokyo Tower adjacent to this neighborhood, which gives visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. This town also has many museums, including the Mori Art Museum and the National Art Center. 

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Hiroo has been one of Tokyo’s most popular neighborhoods for many years. It’s home to many of the capital’s embassies, where Japan’s international communities have created a cozy, foreigner-friendly lifestyle. Overall, this neighborhood, with its fashionable greeneries and easy access to the city center, symbolizes internationalism in Tokyo. 

A street in the Hiroo neighborhood in the daytime. It's a trendy neighborhood similar to Hiroo.
Hiroo is a high-end, laid-back district full of gourmet shops. Image via Shutterstock

It has numerous stores and restaurants that cater to foreign people. National Azabu is only one of many shops in this trendy area where you can find gourmet foods worldwide. The neighborhood is also great for sayonara (goodbye) sales, and many international schools host community fairs that sell used products and affordable meals.

Hiroo is at the crossroads between Shibuya, Ebisu, and Roppongi. Making it the perfect spot for business people to live, work, and socialize. Hiroo is also the right spot for young families or cyclists because there is no train through traffic.

Greenery in Arisugawa Park in Hiroo
Arisugawa Park is a lovely area of greenery in Hiroo. Image via Shutterstock

The neighborhood has many upscale Japanese and foreigner-friendly flats and houses available for rent or buying. Whether you want to rent an apartment in Hiroo or settle down by buying a house, Hiroo is a slice of heaven for anyone with income and a dream! 


Daikanyama is a Tokyo neighborhood located between Shibuya, Ebisu, and Nakameguro. Because of the number of high-end and trendy stores, cool and stylish cafes, and restaurants in this area, people call it the “Brooklyn of Tokyo.” The neighborhood is a favorite among Tokyo locals and hipsters.

The Tsutaya Book Cafe in Daikanyama at night.
The Tsutaya Book Cafe is a significant landmark in Daikanyama. Image via Shutterstock

The famous landmark in the area is the Daikanyama T-Site, a group of buildings with several facilities like a bookstore, a cafe, restaurants, etc. There is an extensive choice of books, CDs, and DVDs available at the vast bookstore Tsutaya.

It also has a café area where customers can read books while having coffee or matcha. One of the most excellent Starbucks in the area is located right next door, with a relaxing terrace surrounded by nature.

French-style buildings in Daikanyama, a trendy district similar to Omotesando.
Daikanyama is home to many fashion boutiques. Image via Shutterstock

A trendy little upscale neighborhood with stylish people can be found close to Daikanyama station. While being a residential area, Daikanyama is famous for its boutiques that highlight emerging designers and its many chill cafés. While in the Shibuya district, this peaceful neighborhood is a great place to escape the hustle of city life. Daikanyama has a much more laid-back feel.


The neighborhood of Kichijoji is a must-see for those seeking the perfect balance of urban and rural life. While it’s less popular than Ebisu or Nakameguro, locals in Tokyo consider it one of the best places to live. 

The outside of Kichijoji Station, another trendy neighborhood similar to Omotesando.
Kichijoji is very accessible from most major stations in Tokyo. Image via Shutterstock

It’s accessible to Tokyo’s busiest neighborhoods, such as Shinjuku and Shibuya. Inokashira Park is a short distance away as well. Locals can only enjoy nature here if they leave Tokyo’s significant hubs. A little less money is spent on housing in Kichijoji than in locations like Ebisu. So, if you want to live a trendy and youthful lifestyle, this is the right spot for you!

Youngsters are big fans of the area and usually visit it on their free weekends to shop, unwind, and explore. Around the stores, live bands are frequently playing, and musicians are usually in the park practicing their skills.

People rowing in swan bota among the cherry blossoms in Kichijoji's Inokashira Park.
Inokashira Park has some of the more beautiful cherry blossoms in the city. Image via Shutterstock

But you can visit the park and the central station area to learn about Kichijoji. You can find several popular bistros, vintage cafes, and accessory stores by wandering from the north gate of the station into the leafy residential areas. It’s perfect if you’re looking for peace, window shopping, and a relaxing lunch.

Roppongi, Omotesando, Hiroo, Daikanyama, and Kichijoji are some of the top trendiest spots here in Tokyo. It’s best to explore some of the neighborhoods not entirely on the well-trodden tourist route if you want to experience Tokyo from a local’s perspective.

For first-time visitors to Japan, you won’t want to miss out on exploring these areas. Next time you visit Tokyo, venture outside the usual tourist spots and add some locations on this list to your schedule for a wholesome, cultural, and exciting stay in Tokyo!

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