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An owl at a owl cafe in Tokyo.
An owl at a owl cafe in Tokyo.

Owl Cafes Tokyo: Where You Can Find Them!

James LauJames Lau
Published Time
Posted on May 29, 2024

Have you heard of Tokyo’s animal cafes where you can interact with owls, cats, capybaras, dogs, pigs, and snakes? These owl cafes in Tokyo offer unforgettable experiences for animal lovers! Visit these popular spots for a relaxing, hands-on adventure with your favorite creatures in the heart of Tokyo!

Owl Village Harajuku

Tokyo’s animal cafes have gained international fame for their unique experiences, and owl cafes in Tokyo are trendy. In the Harajuku area, near Takeshita Street, visitors can find a ‘fukurou café,’ where they can interact with lifelike owls. These cafes also offer a magical atmosphere where guests can enjoy drinks and desserts while observing or petting these fantastic birds.

Two owls at the Owl Village Harajuku in Tokyo.
They have another branch in Kichikoji! Image via Shutterstock

Upon arrival, visitors receive a menu and choose a drink and dessert before entering the owl area. Interaction rules include not using flash photography, showing your hand before touching an owl, and respecting the owls’ space and needs. The owls come from various countries and are gentle companions, and there are some opportunities for closer contact, such as holding the owls with gloves.

Owl Café Akiba Fukurou Tokyo

Akihabara’s Owl Cafe resembles a theme park attraction more than a typical animal cafe. Inside, visitors encounter a world of sleepy owls, crystal chandeliers, and uniformed staff, accompanied by soft classical music. Since August 2014, the cafe has attracted locals and tourists for its friendly atmosphere, high interactivity, and calming mood.

An owl at the owl cafe in Akihabara.
The cafe is open at limited hours for the owls’ safety. Image via Shutterstock

When entering, guests receive rules about owl care and handling etiquette. The cafe houses around twenty owls of various species, each with a name and personality. Visitors can spend an hour interacting with the owls, including opportunities to pat and hold them. The cafe aims to provide relaxation and escape from the busy Tokyo streets, offering a relaxing experience for guests.

Capyneko Café

Capyneko Cafe in Tokyo’s Kichijoji neighborhood is a unique animal cafe where visitors can interact with cats and a capybara. At the cafe, guests can feed and pet the animals, with the highlight being the capybara, who enjoys snuggling with the cats and being petted. The cafe is popular, so making a reservation in advance is best. Visitors can store their belongings in lockers and must wash their hands before interacting with the animals.

Two women petting capybaras at the Capyneko Cafe.
This cafe has one capybara and eight cats! Image via Timeout Tokyo

The cafe is a great spot for animal lovers, offering a relaxing environment where cats lounge around and capybaras munch on lettuce. The staff is friendly, and the experience is affordable. Located near Kichijoji Station, Capyneko Cafe is a fun stop in a neighborhood filled with diverse cuisine options. Overall, Capyneko Cafe is worth visiting for a memorable and enjoyable time with adorable animals!

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Harajuku Mame-Shiba Café

Located on Harajuku’s Takeshita-dori, the Mame Shiba Cafe is a must-visit for dog lovers. This cafe features Mame Shiba Inus, a smaller version of the popular Shiba Inu dogs. The cafe has a cozy, traditional Japanese atmosphere with tatami flooring and low dining tables, making it feel like you’re visiting a Japanese home. The entry fee of 880 yen (5.61 USD) includes a drink and 30 minutes with the adorable dogs.

Three puppies at Harajuku Mameshiba Cafe.
These are smaller versions of the famous Shiba Inu! Image via Timeout Tokyo

The cafe is trendy, so visiting on a weekday morning is best to minimize waiting time. Despite the small space and limited seating, the experience of interacting with the friendly and well-cared-for Mame Shibas is worth it, especially for dog enthusiasts. The staff also maintains cleanliness, and the dogs are happy and playful. If you’re in Harajuku, this cafe allows you to relax and enjoy quality time with these cute furry friends.

Mipig Café

Mipig Café in Tokyo offers an exclusive experience of enjoying a drink while spending time with pigs as pets. Since opening in March 2019, it has become popular among locals and tourists. Visitors can spend 30 minutes interacting with the piglets in a clean, well-maintained environment. The café assures visitors of the pigs’ well-being, with regular health checks and breaks provided for the animals.

A man with three micro pigs on his lap.
These micropigs love taking naps. Image via Tokyo Fox

The Mipig Café experience allows guests to interact with the pigs in a controlled and safe environment. While the experience may seem a bit pricey, it offers an opportunity to spend quality time with these friendly and curious animals. Booking in advance is recommended to secure a spot, and visitors can expect a memorable and positive experience at Mipig Café.

Tokyo Snake Center (Harajuku)

Tokyo Snake Center offers a café experience where guests can enjoy coffee while spending time with friendly snakes. Established in 2015, it’s Tokyo’s first snake café, housing over 60 snakes of 25 species. Visitors can choose their snake companion from the shelves at the entrance and enjoy their company during their café visit. Guests can enjoy a session with up to two snakes for an additional fee.

A snake in a cage at Tokyo Snake Center.
This cafe features 20 species. Image via Trip Advisor

Located in Harajuku, Tokyo Snake Center offers guests an environment where they can sip coffee, nibble on snacks, and interact with snakes. The café’s well-trained and non-poisonous snakes offer snake enthusiasts and curious visitors a chance to conquer fears. With its white walls and sleek design, the café provides a chic setting for a memorable snake-themed experience in Tokyo’s vibrant fashion district.

From Harajuku Owl Village and the Capyneko Café to the Mipig Café and the Tokyo Snake Center, these venues offer unique opportunities to interact with animals in a relaxing setting. Ideal for tourists and locals alike, these cafes provide a perfect escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Plan your visit today to enjoy an adventure with Tokyo’s charming animal inhabitants! Have you ever been to any of these owl cafes in Tokyo? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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