Pocky Flavors: 10 Classic and Crazy Pocky You Need To Try

24 June 2021 by Alana

You probably already know about Japanese Kit Kat’s vast array of flavors, but Pocky comes in many delicious flavors too. From tried and true classics to Japan-exclusive, to so crazy you have to wonder (whisky Pocky anyone?), these are the 10 best Pocky types for you to try!

These first 6 flavors have withstood the test of time, to become favorites both in Japan and around the globe.

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1. Chocolate 

If you’ve never tried Pocky before, you should start with the classic chocolate Pocky flavor. These slightly salty biscuit sticks, dipped in milk chocolate, are the original Pocky that started it all. When the Japanese snack brand Glico released them in 1966, chocolate Pocky became an instant hit with both children and adults. Why is Pocky such a popular snack? Because, not only are they delicious, the sticks are very convenient to eat. You can hold the bottom part of the biscuit stick, without getting your fingers sticky with chocolate. Plus, each box comes with smaller, individually wrapped packs, which makes them easy to carry and share. 

2. Strawberry 

These pink Pocky sticks are as delicious as they are adorable. The pink cream coating is strawberry flavored, which goes great with the vanilla biscuit stick. The flavor is said to taste like “strawberry ice cream on a stick”. As if these pink Pocky weren’t cute enough, there is also a special Japanese Valentines Day strawberry-flavored Pocky, with a cookie stick shaped like a heart. 

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3. Crunchy Strawberry 

These chocolate-strawberry Pocky are also a hit. For this flavor, chocolate biscuit sticks are covered in sweet strawberry cream and pieces of real dried strawberry. The tartness from the dried strawberry balances well with the sweet strawberry cream.

4. Green Tea 

When it comes to Japanese snacks, green tea is one of the first flavors that comes to mind. Much like the green tea Kit Kat, the green tea pocky is made with a coating of sweet green tea cream, flavored with real green tea powder. For a unique taste from Japan, you can’t go wrong with this Pocky flavor!

5. Chocolate-Banana

Chocolate and banana are a match made in heaven, so a Pocky flavor combining the two is simply divine. The chocolate sticks are light and crunchy, pairing perfectly with their coating of smooth banana cream. This Pocky flavor is reminiscent of eating a banana split… if a banana split became a delicious, crunchy snack!

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6. Cookies n’ Cream

This flavor is what you would get if you mixed Oreos and Pocky. Cocoa-infused biscuit sticks are coated with crispy chocolate cookie chunks and milky sweet cream to create the Cookies n’ Cream flavor. The blend of cocoa biscuit, cookie, and cream is especially good dipped in a glass of cold milk.

The next 4 Pocky flavors are extra special, as they can only be purchased in Japan!

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7. Sakura

Pocky releases special, Japan only sakura and sakura matcha flavored Pocky during cherry blossom season in Japan. What does sakura taste like? It’s a floral flavor with a hint of almond and slightly salty, unlike any other. Sakura Pocky goes especially well with a cup of green tea or matcha.

8. Regional Flavors

Pocky also came out with a series of flavors for regions around Japan. Each flavor is based on a regional specialty and can only be purchased in said region. Some of the most popular include Yubari Melon from Hokkaido, Shinshu grape from Nagano, as well as Uji Matcha from Kyoto.

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9. 2021 Special Flavors

On May 11th, 2021, Pocky came out with two new spring/summer flavors! The first flavor is choco-mint.  A chocolate Pocky biscuit stick is enveloped in mint cream for a taste reminiscent of chocolate mint ice cream. The second is the flavor chocolate-coconut. These Pocky biscuit sticks are coated with bits of shaved coconut dipped in chocolate. The added coconut makes this flavor extra tropical, perfect for summer!

 10. Whisky 

The name of this special Pocky flavor is “Otona no Kohaku '' which means “Adult Amber”. The Adult-only flavor was designed to accompany a glass of whisky. The Pocky’s biscuit stick is created with actual malt extract, and there are hints of whisky in the bitter dark chocolate coating. Even the box has been redesigned into an elegant, dark blue cylinder, inspired by the packaging of high-end liquor. The special whisky Pocky was only released in Japan, and there were only 300,000 boxes available in total, making this product about as rare as a fine whisky itself!

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