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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogEverything You Need To Know About Valentine’s Day in Japan!

Everything You Need To Know About Valentine’s Day in Japan!

Jen SantelicesJen Santelices
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January 22, 2021
An Asian couple laying on the bed, facing each other, surrounded by hearts.

Valentine’s Day in Japan is very popular! From chocolate to flowers, there’s plenty to enjoy! There are even different types of chocolate depending on who you give them to! But why is it so popular, and what are the key differences between us and Japan on this special day? Let’s find out!

Differences Between Japan and the West on Valentine’s Day

In the West, Valentine’s Day usually revolves around romantic partners. Sometimes friends and family get chocolate but, there aren’t that many rules or customs surrounding it.

This often involves going on dates and giving your partner gifts like flowers, chocolates, or something more personal. Usually, gift-giving is done by both partners — meaning they both receive and give out a gift.

However, Valentine’s Day in Japan isn’t exclusively for your romantic partner. This can be good news for those of us out there who don’t exactly have somebody to be romantic with. In addition, gift-giving doesn’t have to be mutual in Japan!

A bunch of Valentine's Day in Japan wooden charms written at a shrine.
Some people even wish to find their love on Valentine’s Day in Japan! Image via Shutterstock

On February 14th, women give gifts to men, usually some type of chocolate. But on March 14th, men return the favor. This is called “White Day“! While this practice may seem unusual at first, there’s a lot of history behind it!

History of Valentine’s Day in Japan

The history of Valentine’s Day in Japan dates back to the 1950s which is much later compared to the West. This is because many confectioners and department stores started campaigns around that time!

Not to mention, their main demographic was women, who wanted to buy chocolate for husbands and boyfriends. The shops would also be decorated with pretty displays to further entice more customers.

A couple exchanging a present in the streets on Valentine's Day in Japan.
It took a while for Valentine’s Day in Japan to become popular. Image via Shutterstock

Since confectioners spearheaded Valentine’s campaigns in Japan, chocolate became Japan’s main V-Day symbol, rather than flowers and jewelry!

If you happen to be in Japan on February 14th, there are a lot of Valentine’s decorations! Their displays feature red and pink color schemes and a lot of heart shapes. Restaurants and bakeries in Japan also tend to release their own heart-themed items as a part of the celebration.

The Different Types of Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

As mentioned earlier, chocolate isn’t only popular in Japan, but there’s also a subculture of gift-giving surrounding it! Even though it’s generally centered around women giving chocolate to men, they don’t all get the same chocolate!

Valentine’s Day chocolate has different meanings depending on its quality and recipient! So what do they all mean?

A box of gourmet chocolates for Valentines Day.
There are plenty of chocolate sales during this time of year! Image via Shutterstock

Before giving someone chocolate, ask yourself one simple question: “How do I feel about them?”

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If your answer is, “I’m in love with them”, then they get “honmei choco”! The name translates to “true feelings chocolate”. Therefore, they’re best for someone who means a lot to you romantically!

A piled of milk and white chocolate hearts with sprinkles on top, handmade for Valentine's Day in Japan.
Honmei-choco is for lovers only! Image via Shutterstock

For “honmei choco”, it’s very common to buy expensive chocolates to express that your gift is special. However, some women in Japan go the extra mile and even make the chocolate themselves!


In Japanese culture, they have a practice of giving gifts to people they’re not necessarily related to. These people may be co-workers, acquaintances, or other people outside of your inner circle. Usually, it’s an omiyage, which is a souvenir from your most recent vacation.

However, on Valentine’s Day–and in the form of chocolate–people can give “giri choco” (義理チョコ). This translates to “obligation chocolate”, which is not as arduous as it sounds. This is done out of respect for the relationship that you share, no matter how loose your ties may be!

Piles and piles of milk chocolate KitKats. This is usually the type of giri-choco that people give each on Valentine's Day in Japan.
Kit-Kats are for everyone. Image via Shutterstock

For “giri choco”, it’s perfectly fine to buy chocolate you might commonly find in convenience stores, like Kit-Kats. Since the giri-choco isn’t expensive, it’ll be easier for them to return the favor on White Day.


Finally, there’s “tomo choco” (友チョコ)! It comes from the first part of the word for “friend” in Japanese — 友達, read as “tomodachi”. Women give their male friends some chocolate, and on White Day men return the favor to their female friends!

A woman handing chocolate to someone off screen, facing the camera. This is happening on Valentine's Day in Japan.
Friends get chocolate on Valentine’s Day as well! Image via Shutterstock

For “tomo choco”, the price and personalization depend on how close you are with your friend. Since this is relatively a new type of chocolate category, feel free to get creative!

Now you’re ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day like Japanese people do! Have you ever celebrated in this way before? What kind of chocolate did you give? What do you want to get on White Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jen Santelices

4 Responses

amelia hignell says
September 06, 2022, 9:43 AM

i dont understand this? what activity’s do they do?

Thalia Harris says
December 13, 2022, 12:16 PM

Can you please be more specific?

Ted Humphreys says
January 30, 2023, 2:35 AM

They celebrate by going out and enjoying their relationship together. Very similar to western culture. Chocolates, flowers “roses” especially.

Zara says
February 26, 2023, 8:44 AM

this is so nice, i would look forward to this if i was from there


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