Seven Eleven Japan Celebrates 7/11 With GIANT Japanese Snacks!

05 July 2018 by Nic

Japan is filled with tons of delicious Japanese snacks and candy, and one key location to check out if you want to try some of the best Japanese candy is your local 7-Eleven store! There are so many unique flavors, crazy desserts, and outstanding snacks abound! However, every year on July 11th, 7-Eleven Japan celebrates 7/11 with interesting campaigns. This year is no different! The campaign this year revolves around taking popular snacks and buffing them by seven times -- this can be 7x the flavor, the size, or a mix! Some are so large they wouldn't be able to fit into your TokyoTreat Japanese snack box! Our interest was piqued and so we adventured out to the local 7-Eleven to see which snacks changed and in what way!

After scouring the closest 7-Eleven for the snacks with their logo or 777 on them, we were able to snag four different snacks! We found chips based off the juicy nananchiki, or Seven Chicken (which is their chain fried chicken), karamucho, or spicy chips, special Caramel Corn, and puffed up shrimp puff snacks! We were so excited to delve into these snacks!

First up, we decided to just delve right into the nanachiki chips! The moment we opened the bag, a strong smell of fried, spiced chicken flooded our nostrils! Obviously, Vanessa was more than a little excited to start snacking! She dove in almost immediately and couldn't stop. She is a massive fan of Japanese fried chicken, as is Katy Perry actually, so we weren't really too surprised to see that she fell in love with these chips at first taste too.

For those who are a fan of popular brand Calbee, you will be pleasantly surprised to see this chicken chip is actually a collaboration between Calbee and 7-Eleven Japan. Calbee chips are known for how savory and rich their chip flavors are. They have actually also been featured in our TokyoTreat Japanese candy box before!

Next up: 777 Caramel Corn! These popular Japanese snacks are actually SEVEN TIMES larger than the original! Vanessa was shocked when she pulled out the first snack. Could she handle the Caramel Corn challenge?! You bet she was up for it! She was pleasantly surprised because the flavor and texture was the same as the smaller version that she had come to love.

Here you can see just how different the normal and 777 sizes are -- hand for scale! It is MASSIVE! The more snack the merrier though!

The next Japanese chips we took on were they spicy mucho chips that were now SEVEN TIMES as spicy! Talk about spicy! Fans of spicy snacks would be 100% behind this idea. Every bite was indeed a firey blast that lives up to the seven times as spicy marketing ploy.

The last treat we tried out were this shrimp puffs. Usually small like a shrimp, these puff snacks were an easy-to-eat food. Now, after being puffed up SEVEN TIMES they are a beast to deal with! We couldn't eat them all in one bite, so we would split each piece in two. Not only was the size buffed up, we feel as though the flavor was stronger than before. But, perhaps that is because there is more snack to go around now!

So, what did you think of all the 777 leveled up snacks? We definitely enjoyed checking them out and seeing how 7-Eleven is celebrating their birthday. Which of the above snacks would you try first? Tell us in the comments below!

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