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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogShibuya’s Best Dessert Spots

Shibuya’s Best Dessert Spots

Sho YamamotoSho Yamamoto
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May 31, 2022

One quick Google search for “Shibuya desserts” will get you literally millions of results, and while choice is good, how do you decide where to go? Thankfully, you have your friends from TokyoTreat and their deep knowledge of all things sweets! After a lengthy debate, here is our list of the best desserts in Shibuya!

Shibuya is rooted in youth culture, which means plenty of cool places to shop and eat at. And with nearby neighborhoods of Harajuku and Omotesando, you’ll always have somewhere to find dessert! You can use this list and check each one of them one at a time, or if the sweet tooth in you is feeling eager, you can hit every place in one day!

Totti Candy Factory

Hope you’ve cleared out your camera roll, because you’re going to need all of the space on your phone for new pictures! Totti Candy Factory is exactly what it sounds like: a candy emporium that specializes in cotton candy! But not just any old carnival cotton candy… No, Totti has giant fluffy cotton candy cones!

It’s located one stop from Shibuya Station in the district of Harajuku. It’s the epicenter of kawaii culture, and a popular area for young women, making Totti Candy Factory a crowd favorite stop for visitors of the area.

If cotton candy isn’t your thing, you can also get cutely designed cake pops with different animals, and other small candies and sweets. Plus, the interior is bright with multicolored neon lights, making it a prime spot for taking Insta pics! It would definitely make the top five most kawaii Instagram spots in Harajuku for 2022!

Santa Monica Crepes

Crepes aren’t a Japanese invention, this shop sure knows a thing or two about making delicious desserts. Santa Monica Crepes is also located in Harajuku, and it’s one of the area’s most popular crepe shops. With neon retro style signage, this shop is hard to miss!

Japanese crepes don’t differ too much from their French counterparts, but it’s how Japan dresses them up that makes the difference!

What’s so cool about this location is that it has over 100 varieties of crepes, all made to order right in front of you. The menu is super easy to understand. It has both Japanese and English, as well as photos along with plastic replicas (called shokuhin sampuru) so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting! I recommend getting the Berry Berry Brownie Cake Ice Cream Crepe with whipped cream!

Good Town Donuts

I can’t talk about desserts without telling you the amazing donut shops in Shibuya. This one’s even vegan friendly, which can be pretty rare in Japan. Good Town Donuts takes after the old American-style aesthetic, but like anything in Japan, there’s the good ol’ Japanese twist added to it. The old-fashioned fried donuts come in classic flavors like double glaze, but it’s best to try Uji matcha!

This Shibuya cafe is in Omotesando, which is the shopping district between Harajuku and Shibuya center. With plenty of good food and cityscape scenery to take in, it’s a great place to take a break and enjoy a big fluffy donut on the benches or at the counter seats!

Want to get Shibuya inspired desserts and treats right to your door every month? Check out TokyoTreat, the monthly subscription service that brings you Japan exclusive snacks, noodles, and drinks!

Roll Ice Cream Factory

This delicious dessert shop was originally from New York, but it’s made its way to Japan, and has been a hit ever since! Roll Ice Cream Factory has Thai-style ice cream that you roll up from a cold plate!

With over 40 different toppings, like Pocky and dango (rice dumpling), you make any creation you want! If you go during cherry blossom season, you’ll also be able to get sakura flavored ice cream!

Strawberry Fetish Shibuya 109

Japan has a love for candied fruits, and though they’re typically associated with festivals, this cafe in Shibuya sells them all year round. Located in Shibuya 109, a department store in Shibuya for Tokyo’s youth fashion community, you’ll find Strawberry Fetish!

While festival-style candied fruits are fairly generic, Strawberry Fetish’s candy sticks come with multiple different toppings, like chocolate or tiramisu! You can choose between the original Strawberry Candy that comes with 3 strawberries (400 yen) or get the Long Strawberry Candy to get a jumbo version with 5 strawberries!

If you’re not feelin’ the strawberry on a stick, you can opt for their Strawberry x Milk or Strawberry x Strawberry drinks!

KO-SO Cafe

If you want something sweet but are wanting to keep on the healthy side, you should try KO-SO CAFE! It’s an eco-conscious halal and vegan cafe near Ebisu Station in Shibuya that serves desserts like pancakes, tiramisu, and cakes. Their most popular option is the Detox Pancake, which looks unhealthy, but is meant to help cleanse you while being delicious!

If you want to explore outside of the Shibuya area, Tokyo has tons of dessert spots and coffee shops offering the best sweets. And with plenty of cute character cafes in Tokyo, you’ll never have a shortage of cool places to explore while you’re here! Where are you putting on your list to try?

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