Shikoku’s Noodle Hotel is just another reason for visiting the island!

28 January 2019 by Chris

Among the four main islands of Japan, Shikoku is the smallest and also the most rural one. It’s a very famous pilgrimage destination, where people go to the 88 temples through a route that has been established more than 12 centuries ago. The island is als known for its festivals, its sake and shochu, the traditional craftsmanship and so much more.

But there is one last point, the one that is of interest to us right now: t’s the home of udon noodles, for which people of the island are very proud of. So proud, that you can actually find a hotel dedicated to this specific kind of noodle.

In case you don’t know what udon noodles are, let’s describe them as chewy - and most of the times thicker than the other noodles - buckwheat noodles and Shikoku serves a very popular  kind of udon called Sanuki Udon.

The Udon House has opened its doors in Miyoto after the house was renovated, with the aim of passing the art of udon to new generations and encouraging more visitors to come to the region to discover the culture and history.

The Udon House offers to its guests udon cookery classes, lessons about fermentation, visits to local farmers and so on. Of course, udon are part of the menu so the guests are able to live the full experience!

This Hotel is just an addition to all the beauty of the region, that include one of the Instagram sensations of 2016, Chichibuga beach, that became famous following an online photography competition that became viral on social medias and attracting more and more visitors.

So, do you need any additional reasons to go visit Shikoku? Let us know what you think!

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Photo credits : Udon House

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