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Starbucks Japan’s Sakura 2022 Drinks and More!

Sho YamamotoSho Yamamoto
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March 19, 2022
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August 20, 2022

Japan is a country that works with the seasons. From seasonal produce to seasonal activities, it’s hard not to find something that is “in season”.

Starbucks Japan is no different, and every year they release the much anticipated annual Sakura Collection. The Sakura 2022 Collection kicked off in February, and we have the entire collection here for you to check out!

Locals and foreigners patiently await these releases, often lining up for the latest sakura themed goods from their favorite coffee shop. For Spring 2022, Starbucks Japan’s theme concept was “It’s a blooming party!” On February 15th, they released their first batch of the iconic cherry blossom themed drinks, treats, and merchandise! Let’s check out what their first offering brought!


Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino

Of Starbucks’ seasonal flavors of 2022, this may go down to be the best tasting of the bunch, and we’ll have to add it to our list of top Starbucks Japan Frappuccino flavors! It’s a mix of strawberry juice and cherry blossom powder, topped off with whip cream and strawberry flavored chocolate shavings that look like fallen sakura leaves!

Sakura Saku Milk Latte

Just like the theme concept for this year’s theme, this awesome looking latte uses the word saku (咲く), which means bloom! If you have seen the details of this latte art, you’ll understand why it deserves such a name. This drink may be one of the prettiest Starbucks drinks you’ll ever see!

The Sakura Cassis Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino as it is advertised in various Starbucks locations around Japan.

Sakura Cassis Strawberry Shiratama Frap (February 22 release)

This drink is basically the same as the Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino, but adds this dark purple cassis (black currant) syrup. The inspiration for this was because going to see the cherry blossoms can be done both day and night, and the darker syrup represents the nighttime viewing of the sakura, called yozakura!


Sakura Donut

I won’t lie, I am a sucker for donuts, so I was excited to see Starbucks come out with a sakura flavored donut for spring 2022. This donut is a perfect balance of sweetness and a touch of saltiness, and as recommended by Starbucks themselves, pairs great with the Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino!

The Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino and Sakura Donut released at Starbucks Japan for 2022. Source

Sakura Chiffon Cake

The Sakura Chiffon Cake is also a masterpiece in terms of design! The sakura infused cake is covered with whipped cream, cherry leaf powder, and a salted sakura leaf!

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The first set of Starbucks Japan’s Sakura 2022 collection dropped on February 15 online, and was available on the 17th in most stores until sold out. Here’s the list of the Japanese exclusive sakura themed merch!

Set 1

  • Sakura 2022 Glass Canister
  • Sakura 2022 Heat Resistant Glass Aurora 237ml
  • Sakura 2022 Stainless Petit Bottle 200ml
  • Sakura 2022 Stainless Line Art TOGO Cup Tumbler 355ml
  • Sakura 2022 Pink Petal Mug 355ml
  • Sakura 2022 Handy Stainless Bottle – Blue 500ml
  • Sakura 2022 Bloom Bottle 355ml
  • Sakura 2022 Stainless Embossed Bloom Tumbler 473ml
  • Sakura 2022 Starbucks Bearista Message Gift
  • Sakura 2022 Starbucks Campus Ring Notebook – Blue
Items released during the 1st wave of sakura products at various Starbucks Japan locations. Image via Starbucks Japan

In Japan, the cherry blossoms go through several phases. The first phase is called kaika, which essentially is their first bloom. When the sakura go into their full bloom stage, it’s called mankai, which happens about one week after their first bloom.

Just like how the cherry blossoms bloom to their fullest, Starbucks Japan released their second set of merch one week after their first set! You may notice the bolder and brighter designs to represent the sakura’s peak bloom!

Set 2 (February 22 online, February 24 in store)

  • Sakura 2022 Logo Petal Gradation Mug  355ml
  • Sakura 2022 Heat Resistant Petal Glass 237ml
  • Sakura 2022 Glitter Petal Mug 296ml
  • Sakura 2022 Heat Resistant Medallion Glass Mug 414ml
  • Sakura 2022 Stainless Mini Bottle Petal Gradation 237ml
  • Sakura 2022 Stainless Tumbler – Pearl White 355ml
  • Sakura 2022 Lace Tumbler 355ml
  • Sakura 2022 Cold Storage Tote Bag
  • Sakura 2022 Stainless Diamond Gradation Tumbler 355ml
  • Sakura 2022 Stainless Bottle – Pink Gold 473ml

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Can’t get enough of Starbucks Japan’s sakura season goodies? Well the Starbucks Reserve Roastery has their own special lineups of cherry blossom themed drinks, treats, and merch, too! We think the Reserve Roastery is one of the top five Tokyo Starbucks with the coolest vibe, so be sure to check it out!

Like Starbucks Japan, the Reserve Roastery has their own theme, and for the 2022 cherry blossom season their concept is Sanpo  (散歩), which translates to “walk”, but in this case it would mean “Strolling”!

With the “Strolling” theme in mind, let’s check out their incredible food and beverage options!


If you’re feeling extra fancy and want to treat yourself to some special sakura blended drinks, head to any of the four floors at the Roastery in Nakameguro to try one of these drinks!

The Sakura Jasmin Soy Latte sold at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo. Image via Starbucks Japan
  • Sakura Macchiato
  • Sakura Jasmine Soy Latte
  • Teavana Sakura Cream Soda
  • Sakura Allure Cascade
  • Strawberry Cheer Oolong 
  • Teavana Spritzer Sakura Allure
  • Sakura Allure Tea Soda


The Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo has an Italian inspired bakery called Princi. As a nation who prides themselves on leading food trends, they also have a selection of cherry blossom flavored treats!

  • Sakura Cornetto
  • Sakura Maritozzo
  • Sliced Loaf Cake Lampone & Ciliegie 
  • Sakura Tart


If you’re a fan of collecting Starbucks Japan cups, mugs, tumblers, and more, then the 2022 edition of the cherry blossom theme of the Sakura 2022 Collection is 散歩 or “Strolling.” Available Feb 15 both online and in-store.

  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery Sakura 2022 Pleated Mug – White 355ml 
  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery Sakura 2022 Pleated Mug – Pink 355ml 
  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery Sakura 2022 Stainless Steel Facet Tumbler 473ml 
  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery Sakura 2022 Glass Mug 355ml 
  • Starbucks Reserve Sakura 2022 Mug 296ml 
  • Starbucks Reserve Sakura 2022 Stainless Ring Bottle 250ml 
  • Starbucks Reserve Sakura 2022 Stainless Ring Bottle 500ml 
  • Starbucks Reserve  Sakura 2022 Double Wall Glass 296ml 
  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery Leather Sacoche – Pink 
  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery Leather Mini Wallet – Pink
  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery Small Tote Pink  
  • Starbucks Reserve Sakura 2022 Leather Key Holder – Green
  • Starbucks Reserve Sakura 2022 Leather Key Holder – Pink
  • Starbucks Reserve Sakura 2022 Tohoku Cotton Hand Towel
An interior shot of the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo.

If you know what sakura means to Japan, then you’ll know how important cherry blossom season is! From sakura flavors to the cherry blossom festivals, every year, Japan goes crazy for sakura!

But just like the cherry blossoms themselves, these specialty drinks won’t last long! These drinks and treats are great for any day of spring, so make sure you get yourself to a Starbucks Japan location before they’re gone for another year!

If you did miss any of the merch, you can find plenty of Starbucks Japan’s Sakura 2022 collection over on JapanHaul!

Which one would you like to try, or what was your favorite selection from spring 2022’s sakura collection from Starbucks Japan? Let me know below!

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