Summer 2021's Most Popular Japanese Candy

14 August 2021 by Oliver

Summer in Japan is HOT. Regular temperatures of over 40°C are an everyday experience and the humidity is not something to joke about. And when it’s not hot enough to cook an egg on the side of the road, expect heavy rain - especially in Japan’s rainy season. 

Even your friends over in the monthly Japanese snack box TokyoTreat team don’t leave the safety of our air conditioned office unless we absolutely have to. But with all the heat, you have to keep up your energy. We need to snack on some tasty Japanese snacks to refuel. 

The summer season in Japan is when we see a lot of fresh and fruity flavors come out - like tropical Okinawan citrus or coconut goodness, and we see these snacks pop up around June, July and August! But they tend to also leave as quickly as they come, with many Japanese snacks only being available for a few months or even just a few weeks. 

So let’s check out TokyoTreat’s top 5 picks for Summer 2021’s best candy releases!

5. Bubbly Taiyaki Chocolate Flavor

Sometimes, you can’t beat a classic sweet snack with a uniquely Japanese twist. This golden brown treat is based on the traditional snack taiyaki from Japanese culture. Taiyaki are modeled after sea bream - a fish thought to be lucky in Japan.

Inside the crispy wafer, you’ll find a light and bubbly chocolate filling! It’s perfect for the hot summer months when heavy snacks are not exactly what you might be looking for. We’ll be hoping to catch one of these delightful and delicious treats before the summer is over.

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4. Puré Gummy Pikachu Tropical Flavor

Gummy candies might not be your first thought when it comes to summer snacking, but Pikachu is here in a tasty summer treat that might change your mind. These Pikachu shaped gummies are a tropical flavored Japanese candy with a shockingly sour twist.

Puré Gummy is loved for making gummies that are known for their unique texture and for always featuring plenty of tasty fruit pulp with a sour sugar coating. Perfect for the summer season in Japan!

3. MochiMochi Chocolat Matcha Sakura

Keeping up your energy in the summer months has never been so chewy! These tasty mini mochi balls have a light and floral sakura flavor with a rich and creamy matcha chocolate filling! These mini chocolate snacks are uniquely Japanese and only around for a short time in early summer!

2. KitKat Summer Ice Cream

What’s a Japanese snack top 5 list without the ever popular Japanese KitKat! KitKat Japan has so many awesome Japanese flavors to share with the world, much like the limited edition KitKat Summer Ice Cream flavor!

These Japanese KitKats even have little pieces of wafer worked into the vanilla flavored chocolate. And on top of that, the packaging is inspired by the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (known simply as the Miraikan) in Tokyo with a cool and futuristic design!

1. Pocky Coconut

Japan’s favorite biscuit stick is back in a new summer exclusive version! On top of the crunchy cookie-like base, you’ll find a coating of sweet chocolate and coconut.

This Japanese chocolate treat is giving us some major tropical vibes. The ultimate summer Pocky!

And those are our top picks for Summer 2021 Japanese candy! Just because it’s hot out and maybe appetites go down doesn’t mean there is any reason why we all can’t indulge in a candy treat to wipe away the summer fatigue. 

Japanese candy is often very seasonal. What is available one minute may be able to be scored in your local convenience store for a quick second and then may be gone tomorrow! The turnover is very quick, and people in Japan know to try the new cool snacks quickly, before the next awesome and often seasonal snack comes their way. Even popular seasonal flavors like the tropical seasonal snacks above are only here for a very limited time!

People often wonder how they can take home seasonal snacks and sweets that are only here for a very limited time. And it can be challenging to get them before they’re gone. TokyoTreat is here to help with that tricky situation!

Every month TokyoTreat hand-picks the coolest and tastiest Japan-exclusive snacks, sweets and soda and sends them straight to your door! Even all the snacks above have luckily been featured in the TokyoTreat box! So don’t miss out on all the seasonal snack goodness and be sure to score your snacks before it’s too late!

Let us know in the comments which of these top summertime Japanese sweet treats sound best to you! And are there any special summery flavors of Japanese snacks and treats that you'd love to try?

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