The Top 5 Japanese Snacks for Summer!

17 June 2020 by Oliver


Each season in Japan presents the opportunity for some fresh treats, and summer is no different! As the season changes from the cool sunny breeze of spring to the hot, humid daze of summer, all new tastes begin to surface.

 In Japan, summertime is not only for the lavish festivals and Okinawa beaches, but also for the unique food that is not eaten on a regular basis the other times of year! Here are our top picks for the most tasty treats Japan summer time has to offer!

1. Somen


This is a type of Japanese noodle that’s served cold. These fresh and springy Japanese noodles are boiled, shocked cool in an ice bath, and then lightly dipped in tsuyu sauce for slurping! To give the tsuyu sauce more kick, you can add wasabi or even fresh ginger as well. A true chilly and chewy way to fill your belly and beat the summer heat at the same time! 

2. Kakigori (Japanese Shaved Ice)


There really is nothing better to cool one self down after a hot day at one of Japan’s best beaches than with a big bowl of shaved ice! But the real main ingredient is not actually the ice itself, but the syrup that is generously poured on top of it! There are a massive variety of fruity flavors, like strawberry, Japanese style melon, or even red bean paste like that in anpan! Each one packs its own individual punch! 

3. Ayu


These little freshwater fishes are a typical more of a Japanese festival street food. At least one Ayu food stall is found at most festival venues, and just thinking about the amazing smell of a roasted Ayu brings us back to better days! The gentle sweetness and light texture makes it the perfect snack to munch on while you kick back and watch the fireworks this summer!

4. Morioka Reimen


Hailing from the Iwate Prefecture, unlike somen, which is a Japanese dipping noodle, Morioka Reimen is a cold soup based ramen dish. It typically contains a cold beef broth, boiled egg, slices of beef, chewy and springy textured noodles, watermelon, kimchi and slices of various vegetables. A perfect cool dish with plenty of goodies inside!

5. Rei Shabu


While shabu shabu (hotpot) may not seem like it would beat the heat of a Japanese summer, this dish is different from your standard shabu shabu. Rei Shabu, translating to ‘Cold Pork Shabu,’ is actually a cold version of shabu shabu. Once the pork boils and turns pink in the pot, you take it out immediately and place it in cold water. Then take it out and dip it in the dressing you desire (most common would be a sesame dressing), and enjoy!


Have you guys tried any of these Japanese summer snacks? How was it? Let us know in the comments below!

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