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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogThe Oni Demon and More: Five Most Famous Yokai

The Oni Demon and More: Five Most Famous Yokai

Marissa EllisMarissa Ellis
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October 13, 2023

Imagine a world filled with incredible creatures. In this enchanting realm, one group of beings stands out above all others – the yokai. Whether you enjoy battling an oni demon in a video game or love watching them in anime, yokai have a wonderful charm. You can even find them on the streets of Kyoto! But what exactly are yokai? Join us on an adventure that unveils the captivating world of these ghoulish entities!

What is a Yokai?

Yokai, intriguing and often mischievous, are mystical creatures deeply rooted in Japanese mythology and folklore. The term “yokai” translates to “strange” or “weird” (yo) and “mystery” or “apparition” (kai).

A Yokai Gashadokuro Skeleton, similar to an oni demon, attacks a woman and man in a room
Yokai have been a part of Japanese art for centuries! Image via

These magical beings come in various forms, from mischievous spirits to malevolent oni demons and even benevolent protectors! Yokai can be anything from shape-shifting kitsune, foxes with intelligence and magical abilities, to ghostly apparitions like the yurei.

What makes yokai truly interesting is their diverse and ever-evolving nature. They often embody aspects of human emotions, societal fears, or natural phenomena. Tragic events create some yokai, while others create yokai for amusement.

While yokai have deep traditional Japanese roots, they thrive in current culture. People can encounter yokai in literature, art, movies, video games, and anime like Yokai Watch!

Oni Demons

Oni, formidable and fearsome, are iconic demons in Japanese folklore. Artists often depict these nasty creatures with vivid skin color, primarily red, blue, or green, sharp teeth, and wild expressions. People believe that the Oni demon embodies various malevolent traits, including jealousy, anger, and cruelty.

Men dressed as red and green oni demon carrying staffs.
These men have dressed up as oni demons! Image via Shutterstock

In Japanese culture, Oni demons have served as symbols of evil, tormenting humans and causing chaos. While people usually cast the Oni demon as a mischievous being, their character isn’t entirely evil. They may play pranks and stir up trouble, but they also serve as protectors against evil forces. Think of them as the complex anti-heroes of the other world.

Despite their fearsome reputation, Oni remain a captivating element of Japanese folklore. They add a thrilling touch of darkness to the rich tapestry of myth and legend!


A kappa yokai, like oni demon, sits on a rock by a pond
Kappa images can be seen next to ponds across Japan. Image via Shutterstock

Kappa, water creatures from Japanese legends, live in watery homes like ponds and rivers. They have saucer-like dents filled with water on their head as their source of strength. These guys love mischief, from harmless pranks to mean tricks like grabbing kids!

Kappa are also famously polite! When they meet you, bow politely toward them; they will boy back, spilling their headwater and losing their powers. It’s a strange weakness for such tricky beings. Once this occurs, the kappa will greatly respect you and may even become your lifelong friend!

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A group of tanuki statues stand together
Tanuki figures are common outside of homes and stores. Image via Shutterstock

Tanuki are magical beings, resembling Japanese raccoon dogs, that hold an extraordinary ability to transform into almost anything. However, their favorite disguise is that of a plump monk or a sake bottle-bearing traveler.

Tanuki have a carefree and mischievous nature. They often use their shape-shifting talents to play pranks on unsuspecting humans. While their tricks can be humorous, tanuki are also friendly. They represent good fortune and prosperity in Japanese culture.

One of the most iconic features of tanuki are their huge, sack-like bellies, symbolizing wealth and abundance. Sometimes, tanuki will also use their belly as a drum!

Chochin Obake

Chochin Obake is at a shrine
This Chochin Obake is probably over 100 years old! Image via Yokai Koudan

Chochin Obake, which translates to paper lantern ghosts, are fascinating creatures from Japanese folklore. They come to life from old lanterns, gaining one big eye and a long, protruding tongue.

In Japanese folklore, lanterns aged 100 years or older transform into chochin obake! Chochin Obake aren’t usually harmful; they just startle people with their strange looks. You might find them in old places like temples or ancient buildings where lanterns are part of the tradition. 

These lantern spirits are a cool part of Japan’s folklore, where even everyday objects can become magical.

Kasa Obake

A kasa obake yokai
This Kasa Obake managed to spook his owners! Image via Omamori from Japan

Kasa Obake, also known as umbrella ghosts, are captivating creatures from Japanese folklore. Like the Chochin Obake, when umbrellas reach their 100th birthday, they turn into these Kasa Obake! The umbrella then sprouts a single eye, a mouth, and one or two skinny legs. The newly transformed Kasa Obake now has an eerie yet silly appearance.

What’s striking about Kasa Obake is their ability to blend the uncanny with the humorous. They’re not evil. They’re more mischievous and playful, showing up in stories to make people laugh.

These umbrella ghosts are a unique part of Japanese folklore, reminding us that sometimes the supernatural can also be humorous. They show Japan’s culture finds magic in unexpected places and keeps its stories interesting.

Why are yokai important?

In summary, Japanese folklore introduces us to a fascinating world of supernatural beings. From the mischievous Oni demon to the quirky Kasa Obake, these stories showcase Japan’s culture and the charm of storytelling. 

People dressed up as oni demon and yokai parade down the streets of Kyoto
Yokai like the oni demon parading down the streets of Kyoto! Image via OH! MATSURI

With their mix of fun and mystery, these creatures continue to captivate people everywhere. They remind us that storytelling can bring magic to everyday life, crossing borders and generations. Whether they make us laugh or give us chills, these legends highlight the power of imagination and wonder in our lives.

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