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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogThe Top Japanese KitKats of Fall-Winter 2021!

The Top Japanese KitKats of Fall-Winter 2021!

By Sho Yamamoto
January 27, 2022

Seasons come and go, but KitKats are forever. That’s how the saying goes, right? It doesn’t matter… What matters is that every year Nestle Japan releases new and delicious seasonal variations, and we want to tell you all about the top Japanese KitKat flavors from Fall-Winter 2021!

There are 10 Japanese national holidays between September and February, and Nestle Japan delivers us plenty of new KitKat flavors to celebrate with! You may be familiar with the White Chocolate, Soy Sauce, and Green Tea flavors that are quite well known now, but allow us to introduce you to some of our top picks to keep you warm until the Spring!

KitKat Apple Cinnamon

It may be Halloween themed, but the only scary thing about this is if you haven’t tried it yourself! It’s just like grandma’s homemade apple pie!

First on our list of fall and winter limited edition KitKats is the Halloween-ready Apple Cinnamon flavor. If you or someone you know is an apple pie and Japanese chocolate lover, this is the best of both worlds! With a delectable combination of fruity and light spice, this one will surely be tough to share with friends!

KitKat Mont Blanc

 One bite of this and you’ll be magically brought to a ski lodge right in front of a fireplace. No travel necessary!

Did someone say fall vibes? Because this next Japan exclusive KitKat flavor sure did! For those unfamiliar with Mont Blanc, it’s a famous autumn dessert with three distinctive characteristics: it’s sweet, it’s made with chestnut puree in the form of vermicelli served in a mount or ring, and it’s topped with whipped cream. 

KitKat ingeniously combined a chestnut flavored chocolate with a rum cream wafer center to create this modern masterpiece! If this Japanese exclusive KitKat doesn’t take you to a cozy lodge in the Alps, I don’t know what will!

Are you looking for places where you can buy Japanese KitKat? We have you covered with TokyoTreat’s monthly subscription box full of Japanese snacks and drinks so you never miss any limited edition Japanese KitKat flavors!

KitKat Milk Tea

Let’s have a picnic, indeed! Nothing beats bringing KitKat for a nice get together at the park!

Keeping with the cozy motif, the next flavor on our journey is perfect for your next tea party! The plaid packaging itself looks warm and welcoming, but it’s the cream filled wafers covered in velvety milk tea flavored chocolate that’ll make you feel all fuzzy on the inside! 

We know all about the Green Tea KitKat in Japan, but when it’s cold outside, you can’t forget about its milk tea cousin. If you’re looking to have a break, fall or winter style, you can’t go wrong with this choice!

KitKat Café Au Lait

 It’s like having a whole cafe wrapped in a chocolate bar. KitKat really sets the tone for being cozy with this one.

Of all the specialty flavors we’ve mentioned so far, this one may be the hardest to try outside of Japan. This rare Japanese snack was available in our January 2022 box, but if you missed it, you can still pick it up over on JapanHaul!

This iteration of the breakable, shareable chocolate covered snack is sure to be popular with coffee lovers, as it’s made with a crispy cream filled wafer blanketed with a creamy milky coffee-flavored chocolate!

KitKat Strawberry Milk

If you’ve never tried Japan’s strawberry milk flavored chocolates or candies, this is a great place to start!

Nothing says “I love you” on Valentine’s Day more than roses and chocolate covered strawberries. Or is it strawberry cheesecake? No, you must give your special Valentine a bag of limited edition KitKat that has a strawberry and condensed milk wafer wrapped in pink milk chocolate! Now that sounds like the perfect gift for your special person!

No matter what you liked from our list of top Japanese KitKats from Fall-Winter 2021, we think the only wrong choice would be to NOT try at least one of them! Lucky for you, TokyoTreat will always be your source for these limited and special edition flavors that you won’t be able to find in the United States, Canada, or anywhere else for that matter!

KitKat has become the biggest selling chocolate in Japan from its name sounding like kitto katsu (a common phrase to express good luck in winning), and it’s no secret with how many different flavors you can get! What are your favorite KitKat flavors, and what new fusion would you like to see in the future?

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Enjoy Delicious Japanese Candy And Snacks Every Month!

Starting from $32.50 USD
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