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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogTokyoTreat Member Spotlight #3

TokyoTreat Member Spotlight #3

Oliver McMahonOliver McMahon
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November 26, 2021

Hey TokyoTreat fam! We’re back again with another memeber spotlight! Today we’re meeting Dannielle, and getting to know their favorite things about TokyoTreat and tasty Japanese snacks!

Name: Dannielle C
Age: 39
From: California, U.S.A

What’s your favorite…
Japanese Snack: Any Ramune Flavored Candy
Hobby: Nail Art
Anime: Excel Saga

Getting to Know Dannielle

  1. How did you first discover Japanese snacks?
    Growing up in the Bay Area, I was lucky to be surrounded by a diverse community, including Asian and Pacific Islanders. Visiting Chinatown, Japantown, and Asian grocery stores, and finding fun goodies was a rare treat!
  2. How did you first hear about TokyoTreat?
    I wish I had an interesting answer for this, but I stumbled across a Facebook Ad that a friend liked, and decided that a one-month subscription sounded like a good splurge. Once the first box arrived, I was hooked and haven’t missed a box since.
  3. What made you decide to join our community?
    At first, during the pandemic, I felt compelled to spread some sunshine and let others know that their boxes were, indeed coming and they would be worth the wait. Once I got acclimated to the forum, I appreciate everyone’s posts about their kawaii hauls, favorite Anime, sneak peeks at the other boxes and checking out & congratulating the winners from the monthly contests. 
  4. Do you enjoy your box throughout the month, or do you prefer to devour everything as quickly as possible?
    I try super hard to space out the snacks, but since I share it with my husband and kids, it all goes pretty quickly. We try to share each item, even the small ones, so we each get a little taste.
  5. What was your favorite TokyoTreat box so far?
    The Okinawa Snack-Out was insane!!! Ice cream Kit Kats, Shikuwasa Fanta, gummies, pudding snacks, chips, and Okonomi Arare. The variety and flavor were on point. So good.
  6. What is your favorite thing about TokyoTreat?
    Definitely the anticipation of waiting for the box to arrive, paired with the joy of cracking it open and taking the first peek inside. How could you not smile while rifling through your orange box of wonders?
  7. What is a future theme you’d like to see us create in the future?
    Maybe a Yume Twins crossover with adorable character snacks and plates, or a Demon Slayer or My Hero Academia themed box.
  8. What Japanese snacks would you like to see more of in the future?
    More baked goods!
  9. What is your favorite Japanese food outside of snacks and candy?
     Yakisoba is wonderful. Noodles, chicken, veggies, and sauce. What’s not to love?
  10. Have you ever been to Japan?
    A trip to Japan is at the top of my dream vacation list. I would love to visit the busy streets of the Shibuya district, but also chill out and picnic under a cherry blossom tree with a great view of Mt. Fuji. One day I will!

Thank you Dannielle for taking the time to chat with us! Hope to see you in Japan soon!

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