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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogTokyoTreat vs. Bokksu: Sakura 2022 Snack Boxes

TokyoTreat vs. Bokksu: Sakura 2022 Snack Boxes

Sho YamamotoSho Yamamoto
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April 19, 2022
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April 27, 2022

Cherry blossom season is one of the coolest times of year in Japan because it represents many things. For the TokyoTreat Team, we’re especially excited for all the yummy sakura flavored snacks!

Since the cherry blossoms inspire tons of restaurants, shops, and makers to add the iconic flavor to different foods and drinks, popular Japanese subscription box TokyoTreat gets in on the seasonal fun by including sakura themes and items to the snacking experience!

Another Japanese box brand, Bokksu, also came out with a sakura themed box, so let’s take a look at both to see which experience you should go with.


TokyoTreat did back to back months (April and May) of sakura theme, bringing you twice the experience of one of the most special seasons of Japan!

Recently, we did a Valentine’s Box face-off between TokyoTreat and Bokksu comparing both of their Valentine’s Day themes, where TokyoTreat came out as the better option for Japanese snack boxes.

The first cherry blossom theme for TokyoTreat is Supremely Sakura, which acts as an introduction to the season and hanami, or flower viewing! Do you know what sakura tastes like? If not, the booklet gives you a short explanation of what to expect of this subtle but popular flavor.

TokyoTreat’s Hanami page in the April booklet.

The second theme from TokyoTreat is the current Sakura Picnic box, which gives you “spring day in a park” vibes! The booklet talks more indepthly about hanami, and what are absolute must-brings for a picnic under the sakura, like TokyoTreat’s yummy Japanese snacks!

The Sakura Picnic box is also a limited edition design, featuring cherry blossom motifs and a pink color!

Bokksu’s theme was Sakura Season which was available for one month (later extended to April 15th), and they also had a cherry blossom designed box.

Snack Break Down

Round 1: Limited Edition Snacks

TokyoTreat is known for bringing their subscribers the best of limited edition and exclusive snacks in Japan, and the sakura boxes brought some of the coolest items for the season.

Supremely Sakura included new limited flavors from KitKat, Pocky, Fanta, as well as four seasonal sakura flavored treats! In total, you were able to try seven different limited time items! This month included KitKat Peach, which had peach flavored white chocolate with a peach flavored cream sandwiched between the wafers!

The next TokyoTreat box is the current Sakura Picnic theme with the limited time box design. This box also contains many new limited edition items from KitKat, Calpis, and Pringles, as well as two exclusive collaborations and a cherry blossom seasonal item. This month’s KitKat flavor is Banana Caramel!

TokyoTreat’s exclusive Pine Ame Sakura Candy

TokyoTreat teamed up with famous Japanese candy maker Pine Ame to bring you a sakura flavor that’s exclusively available in the Sakura Picnic box. Keeping the original candy design, but giving it a soft pink look, this candy has a sweet floral taste!

On the other hand, Bokksu had some sakura flavored traditional items like rice crackers and mochi. However, some of these items were single pieces from a larger package, rather than getting the full sized snack.

Looking for a Japanese snack box with limited edition and exclusive treats? TokyoTreat has you covered with rare Kit Kat flavors and seasonal snacks!

Round 2: Drink

For April’s Supremely Sakura box, TokyoTreat had a brand new limited flavor from Fanta, the Yogurt Rush White & Yellow Peach. The Yogurt Rush series has been a popular sub brand for Fanta, so TokyoTreat had to give subscribers the newest Fanta drink!

The current Sakura Picnic also had a new flavor, but this time from Calpis. Calpis is also another very popular drink in Japan, and if you’ve ever tried melon cream soda, then you know this drink is a must get. It tastes just like a melon cream soda float!

Limited edition Fanta Yogurt Rush White & Yellow Peach found in TokyoTreat’s April 2022 box.

Bokksu doesn’t add any of the latest drinks from Japan, but their sakura box did include a green tea bag that had a specially designed package.

Round 3: Noodles

Another thing TokyoTreat guarantees is a bowl of instant noodles in every box! The Supremely Sakura box included Shrimp Tempura Soba Noodles, which taste just like the non-instant variety! The tempura soba is a super popular dish in Japan that gives a very comforting vibe, which can give you the feeling of slurping noodles around sakura trees!

The Sakura Picnic box includes a well known Japanese brand called Maruchan, and you can get the Red Kitsune Udon in it! Kitsune udon is a classic bowl in Japan that gets its savory flavors from dashi, which is a combo of bonito and kelp!

Unfortunately, Bokksu doesn’t add any instant noodles to their boxes, so there isn’t much to say here.

Round 4: Japanese Bread

TokyoTreat’s monthly boxes will always include Japanese bread or baked goods. April’s box actually included two items: Sakura Donut Stick and Sakura Madeleine Cupcake! Both are limited edition items and only available during Japan’s sakura season!

TokyoTreat’s exclusive Tokyo Layer Loaf.

The current month’s TokyoTreat box, Sakura Picnic, has a TokyoTreat exclusive collaboration with Tokyo Natural Yeast bakery to bring subscribers the very first Tokyo Layer Loaf in a strawberry and red bean flavor! It’s a fluffy loaf of buttery bread that’s sweet and yummy!

The Sakura Season box from Bokksu had a Sakura Bouchee.


When looking at Japanese snack boxes, there are good options, and then there are great options. And while many can try, only one can be supreme in the conquest of the best Japanese snack subscription box: TokyoTreat!

Every month’s box is filled with exclusive Japanese snacks like limited edition Japanese Kit Kats, rare and wild flavored potato chips, and the most popular drinks and instant noodles! Take a look at the booklet comparison to find out more about the differences in TokyoTreat and Bokksu’s culture guides!

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