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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogTokyoTreat vs. Bokksu: Valentines Box Face-Off

TokyoTreat vs. Bokksu: Valentines Box Face-Off

By Sho Yamamoto
April 08, 2022

Valentine’s Day is no joke in Japan and we all want to know which Japanese snack box is the best for the month of love! Let us break it all down so you can make an informed decision!

So you’re wanting to get your special someone a Japanese subscription snack box for Valentine’s Day, but also a bit overwhelmed with the choices out there. There are plenty of options, but there is one clear choice when wanting to get the latest limited edition treats from Japan!

Today, we’re going to break down the differences between your friends here at TokyoTreat and another popular snack box, Bokksu. Let’s get right into it!

Monthly Theme

TokyoTreat gave you a full look into what V-Day is like in Japan with the Sweet N’ Snacky Valentine’s box.

The Culture Guide explains all the different types of chocolates Japanese people give each other on February 14th (don’t get the wrong type!), how to confess your feelings to someone you care about, and a cool spot to go on a date in Tokyo!

Check out our full guide to Japanese Valentine’s Day chocolate!

Bokksu’s February box was called Pink Valentine, and their booklet talked about one of their makers and taught some V-Day related Japanese words.

Snack by Snack Comparison

Let’s bite into the most important part of this comparison: the snack menu!

Round 1: Variety

TokyoTreat’s Sweet N’ Snacky Valentine box contained 17 unique treats including limited edition Japanese KitKats, Japanese noodles, seasonal snacks, and a drink! Bokksu contained 16 unique items, with some of the smaller items having more than one of each. Bokksu had more total box items, but TokyoTreat gave you better variety in the box!

Round 2: Limited Edition Snacks

The TokyoTreat Team works hard to get you the very latest in what’s out in Japan, and this month’s box was no different. We hooked it up with a new Japanese KitKat flavor: Strawberry Milk, which made the list of top Japanese KitKats of fall/winter 2021-22! You can always count on TokyoTreat to give you limited edition treats from around Japan!

The Strawberry Milk KitKats that were featured in TokyoTreat’s 2022 Valentine’s Day box.

In Bokksu’s box, there are a few exclusive items that they make with makers, like ume sake candy and spicy mini senbeis.

If you are looking to find a Japanese snack box full of limited edition treats, TokyoTreat has it all! With new snacks and drinks every month, you’ll always have something to look forward to!

Round 3: Drink

Japan is full of cool and crazy flavored drinks, and TokyoTreat makes sure that you’re able to try something new every month! Keeping with the Valentine’s theme, this month’s box included a can of Maroyaka Strawberry Milk!

In their boxes, Bokksu includes one or two tea bags rather than a seasonal drink. Their box had organic hojicha, which is a standard green tea in Japan that’s served all year round.

Round 4: Noodles

TokyoTreat boxes will always come with different types of Japanese noodles. You can always expect to get a delicious bowl of ramen noodles, soba (buckwheat) noodles, udon, or others! February’s box included Nissin Donbei Yuzu Scented Somen! No better way to end a cute date night with a bowl of noodles!

Bokksu doesn’t include noodles in their boxes! 😵

Round 5: Japanese Bread

Cafes all over Tokyo make for perfect date spots, so why not have the cafe brought to you through delicious baked goods! In every TokyoTreat box, you get to try a new Japanese bread (IYKYK). This month subscribers were able to bite into a Sweet Choco Croissant!

Bokksu subscribers were able to try a chocolate twist on a Japanese classic with a chocolate anpan (sweet red bean paste bread).

Bonus Round: Big and Shareable Packs

TokyoTreat prides themselves on bringing their subscribers full size Japanese snacks, and this month did not disappoint!

Mentioned above, the KitKat Strawberry Milk was a pack of 11 mini KitKats that’s perfect for sharing (but totally not judging if you didn’t 😆)! February’s box also included a big bag of Mike Popcorn in the Shrimp Salt flavor, perfect for movie nights with your favorite people!

Bokksu gave buyers a bag of Miyako Konbu Kelp Senbei. Although it’s not really giving off V-Day vibes, it would be a tasty snack to share with someone!


Valentine’s Day brings a great selection of treats right for the most romantic day of the year, and TokyoTreat and Bokksu brought their own version of V-Day with their respective boxes. But if you’re looking for seasonal flavors and limited edition Japanese snacks, TokyoTreat is your best bet!

Check out TokyoTreat’s upcoming box!

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Enjoy Delicious Japanese Candy And Snacks Every Month!

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