Top 3 Tiramisu Desserts in Japan

12 May 2019 by Ana

How much do you know about food culture in Japan? The presentation of Japanese desserts is very important; even the cakes in cheap supermarkets and convenience stores look amazing!

Have you ever seen cute animal shaped desserts? What about anime characters? Here in Japan, especially in Tokyo, there is so much selection you can find pretty much anything!

One dessert that pops up everyone is the famous dessert from Italy: Tiramisu.

When you think of Tiramisu, you're probably thinking of a dessert that looks like this right? However, you will find that Tiramisu in Japan comes in various forms and it is absolutely everywhere! The Japanese sure do love their Tiramisu!

Let's take a look at some of these Tiramisu desserts and flavors in Japan!

Matcha Tiramisu

This is one of the Tiramisu desserts in Japan that is very famous on social media, especially Instagram. This dessert blew up on the Instagram explore page, and there are many videos reviewing this dessert on Youtube. This delicious take on the classic Tiramisu is made with Morihan matcha produced in Uji, an area of Kyoto famous for it's green tea production! Because of their long history and expertise in producing this high quality matcha, the quality of this matcha can't be beat! The fresh mascarpone cheese mixed with the luxurious matcha powder just melts in your mouth. It's irresistible! This dessert can be found at the specialty matcha cafe, Maccha House cafe, just outside of Tokyo in neighboring prefectures Saitama and Chiba. It is definitely a must try!

Starbucks Tiramisu Frappucino

Starbucks Japan is known for releasing an array of specialty flavors and seasonal drinks only available in Japan. Come spring in Japan, without fail Starbucks Japan always releases drinks with cherry blossom flavors. Similarly, this spring Starbucks Japan released a tiramisu flavored drink as well! Starbucks first released a white chocolate and coffee Tiramisu Frappuccino back in 2013, however, that version contained cookies and white chocolate brownie pieces. Starbucks recently brought the tiramisu flavor back to the Frappuccino, and this time, it's closer to the original dessert ingredients. We're only hoping they continue with the Tiramisu craze and release another next year! Speaking of yummy Starbucks drink flavors, take this quiz to find out which flavor best suits your personality!

Kit Kat Strawberry Tiramisu

Kit Kat in Japan is another brand that never fails to come out with new and unique flavors. The list of Kit Kat flavors exclusive to Japan goes on and on, amounting to a whopping total of more that 200 flavors!! How many flavors have you tried?

One of the unique flavors Nestle Japan Ltd. came out with was the limited strawberry and tiramisu flavors, which were combined into "Strawberry Tiramisu". This variant was introduced for the 45th anniversary of Kit Kat to debut in Japan for the first time. You can find these chocolate wrapped wafers in grocery stores and supermarkets since last November 18, 2018. You can also find them online on JapanHaul!

What do you think of the Tiramisu flavor? Is it a popular dessert in your country? Please let us know and share with the world!

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