The new Starbucks Tiramisu Frappucino is just delicious!

03 April 2019 by Jojo

The cherry blossoms are blooming in Tokyo, spring is definitely here! However the delicious Sakurafull Frappucino and Sakurafull Milk Latte that we tried only a month ago have already been replaced with a new flavor, the classic tiramisu frappucino! Starbucks started selling this sweet yet refreshing drink priced at 590 yen for a tall size at the 20th of March and as all limited edition Starbucks drinks, this one will only be available for a few weeks. Fans of the Italian coffee & cream dessert have about a week left to get their hands on this delicious drink!

The classic tiramisu frappucino is inspired by the classic Italian dessert and features espresso soaked sponge cake layered with rich mascarpone frappucino cream topped with rich cocoa powder. Doesn't that sound like a frappucino dream come true?

So the taste test! The frappucino actually tasted like a liquid tiramisu! It had pieces of cake that went perfectly together with the creamy drink, topped with delicious cream and slightly bitter cacao it had a quite authentic flavor. The coffee flavor wasn't too overwhelming either and the drink was super sweet! This drink definitely belongs in our top 3 Starbucks drinks so far!

Curious what we've tried so far? Here are our favorite Starbucks drinks!

1. Starbucks Pistachio Christmas Tree Frappucino

2. Starbucks Sakurafull Milk Latte & Frappucino

3. Starbucks Classic Tiramisu Latte

4. Starbucks Matcha S'Mores Frappucino

5. Starbucks Pink Peach Fruits Frappe

6. Starbucks Crispy Sweet Potato Frappucino

7. Starbucks Caramelly Pear Frappe

Do you have a favorite Starbucks drink or one that you really want to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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