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Starbucks Japan's Newest Frappe: Caramelly Pear!

03 September 2018 by Nic

Starbucks Japan is always releasing new flavors left and right throughout the year. Japan isn't new to weird foods. Yet, Starbucks Japan usually finds odd combinations that sound like they wouldn't taste good together, but once eaten they prove our senses wrong! This month, the newest flavored frappe is called Caramelly Pear! We love trying out all of these crazy flavors, so naturally we had to take a sip of this too. What's pretty neat is that you also get a free wristband for purchasing one of these drinks too!

This is what the frappe looks like. It has a soft caramel color with plenty of whip cream, caramel sauce, and real pear mixed in on the bottom! For those who don't like sweet drinks, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that these aren't overly sweet.

As you can see, at the bottom there is a ton of pear puree. What we decided to do after this was to take our straw and stir up the puree to mix it into the rest of the drink. Doing so fused the caramel with the sweet pear to create a smooth drink experience every sip!

When we ordered our drink, we were surprised to find out that you even get a fun Artful Autumn wristband that celebrates Starbucks Japan and autumn! They were slightly too big for our wrists, but hey, free is free, right? It was a nice plus to get one of these with our tasty drink!

As always, Vanessa had to get a pic with her favorite frappes. If you have followed her adventures, you may have seen how happy she was trying out the Sakura Frappe and Pink Peach Frappe. This Caramelly Pear ranked up there with the others as one of the best frappes she has tried before! She even tried to drink a few others' drinks too. She couldn't get enough!

On our way out of Starbucks, we wanted to compare the real drink to the promotion images. We stirred it up before we left, so it looks slightly different, but even then it looks quite close to the promotional material! If that isn't quality, we don't know what is.

What fruit frappe would you love for Starbucks to make next? Let us know in the comments below! We are low-key hoping for a dragon fruit one next.

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