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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogTokyoTreat’s Top 5 Must-Try Ramune Flavors

TokyoTreat’s Top 5 Must-Try Ramune Flavors

By oliver
June 28, 2021

Ramune, the classic Japanese lemonade that has been loved by Japanese people of all ages for over a century, is no stranger to experimentation!

Thanks to the charm of the drink's famous Codd Neck Bottle with glass marble design, the Japanese soda was able to differentiate itself and it quickly grew in popularity. This gave makers a chance to get creative with the flavors and try some new and interesting creations! Starting with its classic lemon lime flavor, the scope of ramune's taste possibilities gradually expanded out from there and ended up branching into some fun (and slightly weird) soda flavors that are well known and loved today. 

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From floral and fun Japanese seasonal flavors to downright crazy concoctions, ramune has seen it all.  If you’ve been following TokyoTreat for a while now, you might have seen or tried some of these crazy flavors in our monthly Japanese snack subscription boxes.

But with so many flavors to try, it's time to get a move on! Let’s explore TokyoTreat’s top 5 must-try Japanese ramune flavors! 

5. Melon Ramune:

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Melon soda is one of Japan’s most iconic soft drinks. With its refreshingly sweet flavor and awesome neon green color, it is a favorite among adults and children alike, especially on hot days. 

You can often find this soda flavor in Japanese convenience stores like Lawson, 7-Eleven or FamilyMart. It’s also a popular choice to go along with a meal at family style restaurants popular in Japan like Saizeriya or Jonathan’s. 

However, melon flavored ramune is a slightly rarer soda pop to find. Melon ramune has all the traits of the quintessential melon soda – the vibrant green color and a sweet taste. But the fact that it comes in the iconic and fun ramune style glass bottle with marble stopper is what makes for a unique drinking experience that elevates it to another level!

One of the best places to find and truly experience this delicious ramune soda is at a Japanese summer festival, which are held in just about every single city and town across the country throughout the season. There will often be a stall or two (or five or six!) offering ice cold ramune, a perfect ally in the fight against the hot and humid Japanese summer backdrop.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out on the map for a local shrine in particular if you’re in Japan around August, as the majority of these festivals take place near and around neighborhood shrines, temples, or other traditional communal meeting spots.    

If you’re visiting Japan outside of the summer festival period in either spring, autumn, or winter, be sure to pay a visit Don Quijote! It may not sound like it at first from the name, but Don Quijote is a local Japanese megastore. It has EVERYTHING. It’s the perfect location to scout out some delicious ramune at any time of the year!

Too busy to make the trip to Japan for a delicious Japanese drink and snack adventure? Monthly subscription box TokyoTreat is here to quench your ramune & Japanese snack cravings!

4. Sakura Ramune:

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A rare and seasonal treat, sakura ramune makes a much anticipated appearance in spring.

Japan’s beautiful and unmissable cherry blossoms bloom towards the end of March or early April in Tokyo. But thankfully, sakura snack season lasts a little bit longer than this. Usually starting in late February and lasting until mid-April, there’s a Japanese cherry blossom snack to fit all tastes and preferences.

From western sweets and cakes to traditional Japanese wagashi, the unforgettable floral and elegant flavor of pink sakura are savored and enjoyed by all throughout early springtime. And at the top of this long list of sakura snacks and refreshments is the one and only sakura ramune. The fizzy Japanese soda is given a unique floral-inspired twist that truly highlights the best of Japan. 

Inside the glass bottle you’ll find a soda with a vivid pink color, reflecting the season that every year fills people in Japan with pride and visitors and locals alike with awe! This is what truly makes it one of the flavors that the TokyoTreat team thinks you cannot miss!

3. Clam Chowder Ramune

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Crazy Japanese flavors might be nothing new to locals. But this unusual flavor might be a little out of left field for your average Japanese drink fan. Mixing the flavors of salty clam chowder and sweet and refreshing ramune couldn’t have been easy, but the ramune makers of Japan were up to the challenge! 

Perhaps the initial shock of an unconventionally flavored soda might be initially off-putting, but once you’re over the initial shock, the flavor is actually quite addictive. And the fun glass bottle only adds a fun element to the unique drink.

2. Matcha Ramune

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When two traditions collide, you’re in for a bitter yet refreshing Japanese soda treat. Using refreshing uji matcha – a high quality matcha grown in Kyoto – the bubbles of the ramune give it a new twist.

The base of the ramune is the classic ramune flavor, and it finishes on bitter notes of refined green tea. All inside the fun and historic codd neck bottle. While you won’t be seeing it at a Japanese tea ceremony anytime soon, it's a unique Japanese soda experience.

Make sure to share it with a tea lover!

1. Original Lemon Lime Ramune

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Nothing beats a classic! Ramune has a long and interesting history, and there is no doubt as to why the delicious Lemon Lime flavor took off. Originally, it was thought to be a cure for Cholera in the late 1800’s.

However, thanks to the iconic Codd Neck bottle, glass marble stopper and delicious lemon lime flavor, the drink took Japan by storm! So there is no doubt in our minds that it should be tried by everyone!

Perfect for a hot and humid summer’s day, chilled lemon lime ramune has been loved for over a century. A citrusy, sweet and refreshing must-try soda!

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And those are our top picks for ramune flavors that all Japanese soda fans must try! But the list doesn’t end there. There are countless flavors of Japanese ramune to try. Not sure where to start on your Japanese soda trying journey? Let Japanese candy subscription box TokyoTreat help, bringing you a new Japanese drink every month!

Which ramune flavors sound most interesting and delicious to you? What kind of unique combination flavors can you come up with? Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think!

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