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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogFive Types Of Choco Banana You Can Enjoy In Japan

Five Types Of Choco Banana You Can Enjoy In Japan

Thuy FangThuy Fang
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March 25, 2022

When you hear the words ‘choco banana’, you might think of the tasty banana dipped in melted chocolate. However, the types of choco banana is more diverse than you think, and it centers around a perfect combination of two flavors: chocolate and banana. Ooh… Yummy!!!

If you’re in love with this cool combination, why don’t you explore it more with us? We’ll show you different types of choco banana you must try in Japan. 

So, let’s get started with the five types amazing choco banana sweets below!

Chocolate Covered Banana 

Many colorful types of Choco banana on sticks on display at a stand with types like dark chocolate, pink chocolate, and blue chocolate with many different sprinkle colors.
Choco banana seems like a really simple treat, but the coatings and toppings can change the taste for a subtle but different experience. Image via Shutterstock

You can easily come across plenty of banana sticks which are covered in dark chocolate at almost every Japanese matsuri (Japanese festival) during the summer. Choco banana sticks are usually sprinkled with colorful sprinkles that make them both look fun as well as taste more interesting. Plus, various types of chopped nuts, like almonds, walnuts, granola, and pecans are also favorite toppings for these luscious fruit sticks. 

Also, better than an ice pop, frozen bananas dipped in melted dark chocolate can be awesome treats for your family, your friends, and of course, yourself on a hot summer day. No wonder it’s one of the top matsuri street foods in Japan. It sounds like it’s time for you to start looking up some choco banana recipes for this summer.

Want an in-depth look at this tasty treat? Sakuraco has a great blog about choco banana as a festival favorite!

Looking to experience all the fun flavors Japan has to offer, from choco banana to Japanese Kit Kats? Check out TokyoTreat! TokyoTreat sends the latest Japanese snacks, sweets, drinks, and noodles right to your door all the way from Tokyo!

Tokyo Banana 

A billboard in Tokyo Station promoting the caramel Tokyo Banana flavor featuring a cat next to a piece of Tokyo Banana with a pink ribbon and a bell on it.
Tokyo Banana actually comes in a variety of seasonal or location-based flavors, usually featuring a slightly different design, like this cat-inspired caramel Tokyo Banana. Image via Shutterstock

You don’t feel anything strange from the name “Tokyo Banana”, do you? No, of course not. We all know that the best sweet souvenir we can get when visiting Japan is a box of Tokyo Banana. You can only find the choco banana flavor of this special product in Tokyo Solamachi which is located inside Tokyo Sky Tree Town. 

The uniqueness of this exclusive Tokyo Banana lies in 2 points: appearance and filling. First, customers obsess over the outstanding leopard print design. Then, they are astonished by the tasty chocolate banana custard cream on the inside. These points make it one of the most unique types of choco banana treats that visitors to Japan can enjoy.

Coris Chocolate Banana Dip Candy

Yes, your guess is correct. This product certainly imitates the real chocolate covered banana that we talked about above. Yet, the specialty of this sweet is that you get to do it yourself from the fake banana to the chocolate banana dip candy. 

Even better, this DIY Coris product also includes a toothpick, banana-flavored soft candy, chocolate cream, and colorful sprinkles so you can create a tiny version of the real choco banana stick. This may just be candy, its strong and tasty choco banana won’t disappoint. 

Want to learn more about DIY candy? Check out our introduction to Japanese DIY Candy Kits!

A table of Japanese Kit Kats in the banana Easter flavor, not to be confused with the types of Choco banana flavors Kit Kat produces.
There are actually a surprising amount of banana treats, like these Easter Kit Kats. But this flavor is actually different from the Choco Banana flavor! Image via Shutterstock

Calbee Frugra Choco Banana Cereal

If you’re a breakfast person, we’re sure that you don’t want to miss this choco banana. Everything in this product is so crunchy and delicious that you can’t stop eating it. It pairs so perfectly with fresh milk or even plain yogurt. The perfect mixture of this Calbee cereal contains chocolate crunch, banana chips, dried raspberries, raisins, and many essential ingredients such as oats, granola, and grain. 

Plus, Frugra cereal also provides a lot of fiber as well as 8 vital vitamins to give enough energy to start a new day of activities for those choco banana lovers. You can find this choco banana cereal at any supermarket or convenience store in Japan for a fast and healthy breakfast.

Kit Kat Choco Banana

A shelf in Malaysia with the special Minions choco banana Kit Kats, one of the types of choco banana treats coming from Japan, with two Minions on the packaging.
This seasonal Kit Kat flavor from Japan made it overseas thanks to the Minions franchise. Love them or hate them, you have to thank them for this opportunity. Image via Shutterstock

Last but not least, we can’t forget the unique choco banana flavor of Kit Kat in today’s list. Japanese Kit Kat choco banana is one of Nestle Japan’s limited edition flavors. You’ll fall in love with these little cubes which have a really cute bite-size. It’s pretty much easier to eat for both adults and small kids. 

The smooth chocolate layer combined with the crisp banana-flavored wafer cube gives a satisfying and interesting feeling. Also, these Kit Kat choco banana cubes have a non-stick coating layer which will make the break become more comfortable and relaxing. So why don’t you “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”?

All in all, the world of choco banana is a world that your taste buds won’t want to miss. From DIY treats you can make yourself to tasty snacks you can bring on the go, choco banana’s variety allows you to enjoy this yummy flavor combo anywhere at any time. 

So what do you like the most about choco banana? Share your favorite choco banana in the comments down below! Also, if you would like to further explore the amazing world of Japanese treats, check out our other blogs!

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