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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogWhat Is a Manga Cafe? Coffee, Manga and More!

What Is a Manga Cafe? Coffee, Manga and More!

Thuy FangThuy Fang
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September 28, 2023
The inside of a manga cafe with neon lighting.

A manga cafe is a dedicated place for enthusiasts who can’t wait to fully immerse into their favorite collection without being distracted by the outside world! If this sounds like your kind of thing, let’s talk about manga cafes in Japan!

What is a manga cafe?

Manga cafe, also known as a manga kissa, is a 24-hour place where you can have coffee and read comics simultaneously. When we talk about manga, we can see that manga cafes originated in Japan. That’s right! The first manga kissa was established in Nagoya City in 1979. The “kissa” in manga kissa is a short way of saying “kissaten,” which means a café.

A person reading manga at a manga cafe.
They have hundreds of manga volumes for you to enjoy! Image via Shutterstock

Nowadays, besides enjoying coffee, customers visit these cafes for many reasons. Thus, these places have developed various services to suit their needs. Besides paying for drinks, customers might have to pay by the hour to relax at these places. Depending on the manga cafe, the cost can range from 100 to 400 yen for the first 30 minutes. After that, they’ll have to pay additional money for the time they spend there, plus any extra service fees they use.

What can you do at a manga kissa? 

Read a bunch of manga!

All manga cafes have shelves for customers to freely read manga of all genres, ranging from shounen (boys’ comics) to shoujo (girls’ comics). The manga collections are regularly updated, and complete sets allow you to read for hours comfortably.

Watch your favorite anime!

A TV screen with Netflix anime on it.
You can watch all the anime you want here! Image via Shutterstock

This is one of the ideal places to watch movies, anime, or any videos you like. It’s because most of these cafes include small private rooms right within the cafe, equipped with high-quality TV, DVD players, and very comfortable single sofas. Moreover, there is also an area where you can borrow DVDs/CDs to enjoy popular anime or movies. 

Play video games!

A person playing video games in a place with neon lighting.
They even have some places where you can enjoy video games! Image via Shutterstock

You can play video games on high-quality PCs with super-fast and stable internet connections at manga cafes! Additionally, many places also provide all the equipment for you to use gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch or Play Station. Therefore, you can play games for hours without worrying about interruptions.

Enjoy delicious meals!

Having a meal and drinks is common for most customers at manga cafes. Many cafes like these serve rice, udon noodles, and hot ramen made by the cafe staff and even offer customers an all-you-can-eat buffet!

A plate of Japanese curry.
Curry is a popular dish here! Image via Shutterstock

When it comes to drinks, there’s a wide variety of choices available, such as coffee, cocoa, tea, and soft drinks. Moreover, customers can easily find various snacks or instant noodles commonly available in vending machines inside any manga cafe.

Enjoy a hot shower!

A drawer full of toiletries.
You can freshen up during your stay at a manga cafe. Image via Shutterstock

To meet the demand of many customers spending their whole day there, most manga cafes are equipped with shower rooms and coin laundry services. These spots are also stocked with hairdryers, combs, and cotton swabs to provide a complete experience. Some places even thoughtfully provide pajamas for guests to change into and rest, similar to an actual hotel.

Have a nice nap!

A person sleeping at a manga cafe.
There are plenty of places to get some rest as well! Image via Shutterstock

You can feel assured about the space and facilities to nap or sleep at a manga cafe. Many cafes have private rooms with beds for customers to sleep in, while others set up sleeping pods resembling the famous capsule hotels in Japan. Thanks to the 24/7 convenience and amenities like these, the most common image you’ll see is busy office workers eating, drinking, and resting at manga cafes.

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The Development of Manga Cafes

Manga cafes have gained popularity in Japan and many countries worldwide, like the US, Korea, and France. Like in Japan, manga cafes in South Korea also offer yummy food and many other excellent services in addition to providing comics and drinks.

There are more and more cafe chains that combine coffee with a fun cartoon room. Some popular ones include Beoltoon, Kongtoon, and Nolsoop. Also, you can play board games and hang out with friends at these coffee shops. Furthermore, some manga cafes in Korea are even popping up in movie theaters. 

In the European market, the first manga cafe was established in Paris, France, in 2016. Following that was the creation of the well-known Toulouse, a unique blend of a manga library and an internet cafe. Later on, many manga cafes launched in Belgium and Finland.

Meanwhile, in the United States, there are also a lot of manga cafes popping up across the country. These include LA Manga Cafe, Manga Lounge, and Village Well Books & Coffee. However, customers can only read books and enjoy coffee at these places, which is different from the full-fledged accommodation style seen in manga cafes in Japan.

Three Notable Manga Cafes in Japan

Aprecio Shinjuku Haijia

The front entrance of Aprecio Shinjuku.
Aprecio Shinjuku has billiards and an all-you-can-drink service! Image via Gurunavi

Aprecio Shinjuku Haijia is a super popular manga cafe chain in Japan. It’s spreading all over the country. The cafe has different sections, including a theater room. They want to make your time there super fun, so they have cool games like darts and billiards. You can find a very comfy and relaxing space at Aprecio Shinjuku Haijia. Moreover, you can read comics, surf the net, and play darts and billiards for extra fun. 

Kaikatsu Club

Kaikatsu Club, the ultimate fusion of tech nostalgia and futuristic vibes, promises an electrifying digital escape! Get ready for lightning-fast internet, chic interiors, and a treasure trove of perks like exclusive workstations and gaming zones!

The front orange sign for Kaikatsu Club, a manga cafe chain in Japan.
Kaikatsu Club is one of the most affordable manga chains around! Image via Besynara

And guess what? Your wallet will thank you because Kaikatsu Club’s affordability is the icing on this digital cake. Join the club and redefine your internet cafe experience, making every visit a lively journey to unlock the digital universe in style!

Gran Cyber Cafe Bagus

Gran Cyber Cafe Bagus is the ultimate digital wonderland, redefining the internet cafe experience. With blazing-fast internet, sleek futuristic decor, and an array of cutting-edge gadgets and gaming consoles, it’s a tech enthusiast’s paradise.

The front desk at Gran Cyber Cafe Bagus, a manga cafe in Roppongi.
Gran Cyber Cafe Bagus is one of the more high-end manga cafes. Image via DD-Holdings

Enjoy ergonomic comfort, savor gourmet treats, and dive into gaming tournaments and tech workshops. Gran Cyber Cafe Bagus offers affordability without compromising quality, making high-tech adventures accessible to all. Join the revolution and journey through the digital frontier at Gran Cyber Cafe Bagus, where tech dreams come true in a futuristic haven!

What makes a manga cafe special?

In short, manga cafes offer more than just a typical cafe experience. They provide a relaxing and entertaining space to read manga, watch anime, play video games, and more.

The influence of manga cafe culture is expanding globally, bringing a unique blend of culture and creativity to different parts of the world. Have you ever visited any manga cafes in your area or your country? If you have, share your in the comments below!

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