What You Should Try To Order at a Japanese McDonalds!

07 August 2019 by Eunike

We are know that McDonalds have different menu in every country. Here, in Japan, you also can find unique and ‘must eat when in Japan’ McDonalds menu. Want to know what to order at a Japanese McDonalds? TokyoTreat will give you 7 recommendations, let’s take a look!

1 .Ume Fries

It’s french fries with a twist! They use ume (pickled plum) for seasoning, so it has a distinctly sour taste.

2.  Hokkaido Milk Pie

The filling is sweetened, condensed milk filling. The milk is from the island of Hokkaido in Japan, which is known for having great baked goods and creamy milk. 

3. Sakura Teritama Burger

This seasonal burger is made from pork patty, eggs fried over easy, buns with flavor of sakura(cherry blossom), mayo sauce with Japanese sakura radish(Sakura daikon).

4. McNuggets with Wasabi Sauce.

Who wants to try eating mcnugget with the sushi way? The dipping sauce is called “Adult Wasabi Mayo” dipping sauce that is spicy like wasabi but a little sweet from the mayonnaise.

5.  Ginger Pork Burger

A Japanese classic combination of pork and ginger with a soy-based sauce. The patty in this one is pork instead of beef.

6. Bacon and Potato Pie

Pie crust, white cream sauce with potato, chopped bacon and onion. Sounds tempting, right?

7. Purple McShake

This new Purple McShake departs from the restaurant's usual fruity offerings, employing murasaki imo, a native Japanese variant of purple sweet potato, savory in taste.

Which one that you want to try most? It’s all so unique, right? Not only McDonald, Japan has quite a lot of unique and tasty snacks! If you want to try it, you can order our box that contains 17 snacks from Japan! Rather than a box full of just sweets, you’ll get a mix of sweet, savory, sour, and spicy! You’ll get anime snacks, healthy foods, party packs, and share packs. Subscribe now and our delicious treats will be delivered at your door!

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