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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogQuiz: What Ramune Soda Flavor Are You?

Quiz: What Ramune Soda Flavor Are You?

Oliver McMahonOliver McMahon
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June 28, 2021

Some questions have plagued the human race since the beginning of time. What is the meaning of life? What is the secret to a long life? What’s coming in next month’s Japanese snack subscription box TokyoTreat?

But of all of these key questions, none are more important than what ramune flavor would I be if I was a bottle of one? Japan’s iconic Codd Neck shaped bottle soda with its intricate marble design has been the host to so many unique and crazy flavors! And now, with TokyoTreat’s new quiz, you can find out where you stand in the diverse world of ramune!

Every month Japanese snack subscription TokyoTreat brings you the freshest, limited edition drinks Japan has to offer. Sign up this month and enjoy your own soda treat!

Will you find out your soul has an affinity for the fresh and floral Sakura Ramune, elegant Matcha Ramune, or perhaps you’ll find out you’re a more mysterious flavor? So, be sure to dislodge the marble from the top of the bottle and let's dive deep into the quiz! 

How did your quizzing experience go? Now you know for sure the exact flavor of Japanese ramune that will truly resonate with your soul! But while quizzing about ramune is always interesting, nothing quite compares to the feeling of holding one of those cold glass bottles, pressing down firmly and removing the marble from the bottle top, and finally enjoying the crispe and refreshing taste of a lemon lime or melon ramune drink! Oishii!

You’ll always have fun drinking ramune, and it's fun factor is definitely one of the main reasons why it has withstood the test of time to be come one of Japan’s most iconic soft drinks. If you're interested in learning more about ramune, be sure to check out our guide on how to open the iconic Codd Neck bottle, or even learn about how early uses for the Japanese soda were as a medicine.

But there is no end to the delicious Japanese soft drinks to try! Every month Japanese snack subscription TokyoTreat brings you the freshest, limited edition drinks that Japan has to offer. Don't miss your chance to sign up this month and enjoy your own fizzy soda treat!

Be sure to let us know in the comments what your results were and what you think about them! Plus, are there any exciting ramune flavors that you know of that you'd love to try someday soon? Also, what kind of new ramune flavors would you invent if you worked at a ramune factory?

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